• Yo Brini! Long time no see, eh? I remember checking my notifications on twitter and seeing "Boom Beach Wiki followed you" and I thought to myself "That's gotta be Brini!"

    Anyways! First of all, I'd like to say gootentag to you! Second of all, I'd like to tell you about this idea! So get ready to do some...reading!

    I joined Schweiz (remember that TF with bueleema and some other notable players that I can't remember but you can?) which is a German speaking TF (duh, the name is German itself lol), of course I'm terrible at German so I left lol. I then saw that notification about "Boom Beach Wiki followed you" and thought "the German BB Wiki needs help". While there is not much I can do about it, I thought I'd ask you because you know about Schweiz more than I do, I plan on getting connected with Schweiz again by ending in my lower level account into Schweiz 2.1 (the feeder for Schweiz) while my endgame account lurks around the Chicken Coop. You could ask the youtuber Boom Beach Schweiz himself for help, I think he'd be good at editing this BB wiki. In addition, maybe get some German players who played Boom Beach for a long time to see if they can help as well.

    Thats just my advice! You might be smarter than me, but I think you could really use some assistance!

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    • Hey Masher,

      Nice to read you again! Yes, you're right, I followed you on Twitter with the Wiki Account. I'm from Germany and I don't was in the Schweiz TF before (only in a smaller Schweiz TF called SWISSPOWER-1, which doesn't exist anymore), but I'm connected with one person of the Schweiz TF through Discord and I also think it would be a good idea to ask them for help. Although most of the players in their TF doesn't have experience with editing, they could be helpful! So I'm going to write them and ask for help, thanks for the advice! :)

      And btw I think the Chicken Coop would be a very good TF for you, already looking forward to see you there! :D

      Brini Brini (Kontakt)

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    • ah, the Discord idea sounds even better!

      with some proper advice, I think the helpers could do good at editing the germn bb wiki :DDDD

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    • Oh, I wrote Partypeople from Schweiz at Discord and he said, that he will ask the other members of the TF, but he thought that there won't be such motivation, because Partypeople himself stopped playing and many in his TF want to reduce their activity in Boom Beach.

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    • Oh boy, this is when schweiz is gonna cut down to a 25 man tf 😬

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    • Ein FANDOM-Benutzer
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