Use this calculator to quickly find many statistics about your army. Select the levels of your Troops, enter your offensive Statue percentages, select your Landing Craft levels, and choose a load out to get a form with various statistics about that composition.

Note: The Statue Percentage inputs cannot contain the percent sign (%). Simply input the total percentage that your Troop Health/Damage Statues add up to.

Remember that a Landing Craft's level is equal to 4 less than its capacity, so if you have a Landing Craft with a capacity of 12 units, you would input its level as 8.

Tip: You can also enter your Statue increase amounts as an expression.
Example: If you have a 29% Troop Health Statue and a 10% Troop Health Statue, you could enter the following expression into the box: 29+10
Boosts: Using the Statues from the above example, if you choose to boost all of your Troop Health Statues, you could enter this expression: 2*(29+10) You may also choose to only boost your masterpiece. In this case, you could enter this expression: (2*29)+10

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