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Boom Beach Wiki

This page features useful tools for Boom Beach that were made by members of the community. If you have made a tool and would like to be featured on this page, please contact us.

Boom Beach Game Calculator


Created by Alex

  • Plan your use of Gunboat energy in an attack
  • Find out how much damage you can do with your Artillery and Barrages
  • See how much damage your troops can deal

Note: This site uses cookies to save the levels of your troops, Gunboat Weaponry, energy, and statue percentages so that you do not have to re-enter them each time you use the calculator.

Boom Beach Tracker: Spreadsheet


Created by Bluer and TouDic

  • Manage your Resources
  • Plan your upgrades
  • Optimize your Diamond and Gunboat energy usage

Task Force Point Calculator


Created by wastedhalo

  • Track your Task Force's Force Point gain
  • See how long it will take to reach your goal
  • Find out how much Intel you will spend

Statue Evaluator


Created by Andromidus

  • Find out how good your statues can be
  • See what percentile your statues are in
  • Compare your statue bonuses to others

Power Stone Chance Formula


Created by Bluer

  • Determine your expected Power Stone/Powder income
  • Decide whether or not to keep a PSC Statue
  • Determine how to break even on Power Powder usage

Resources on the Map Calculator and Planner


Created by Kkkmail

  • Plan your raiding session
  • See if you have enough loot on your map to do your upgrades
  • Compile information about all of your opponents in one place

Boom Beach Companion


Created by Hemiro

  • Keep track of your resources and upgrades
  • List of commonly used acronyms
  • Manage your statues and Gunboat energy

Victory Point Calculator

Created by Johnny.bai.nguyen

  • Input your experience level, and you will get a suggested Victory Point range for your level

GBE Calc


Created by The Beach Rangers

  • Calculate the energy cost of firing Gunboat weapons
  • Enter your Gunboat level and Gunboat energy statue bonuses to see what you can afford to fire