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  • Daily Rewards are rewards that come once a day, starting the morning after your Victory Points reach 25.
    • If you drop below 25 Victory Points, you will stop getting Daily Rewards until you reach 25 again.
  • They are based off of your Rank. Higher ranks give better rewards.
  • Attackers cannot steal resources from this boat.


  • Every day, the Daily Reward arrives in a captured Blackguard freighter. It arrives at 6 am in your local time.
  • It offers three types of rewards, of which the player can choose one.
  • If the Daily Reward is not collected before the next Daily Reward arrives, the next Daily Reward will replace the previous Daily Reward. Make sure to collect the Daily Reward everyday to avoid missing out.


  • A Daily Reward can provide any of the following:
  • The reward amounts are determined by your Rank. See the Rank page to view the possible rewards by rank.