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Use this calculator to determine how much loot that you gain from a Dr. T event.

Note: The Total Resource Reward Bonus input cannot contain the percent sign (%). Simply input the total percentage that your Resource Reward Statues add up to.
Example: If your Statues add up to a 69% increase, you would enter a 69 into the box.

Tip: You can also enter your Resource Reward increase amount as an expression.
Example: If you have a 49% Resource Reward Statue and a 20% Resource Reward Statue, you could enter the following expression into the box: 49+20
Boosts: Using the Statues from the above example, if you choose to boost all of your Resource Reward Statues, you could enter this expression: 2*(49+20)
You may also choose to only boost your masterpiece. In this case, you could enter this expression: (2*49)+20

If you have any suggestions to improve this calculator or would like to report a bug or data error, write a comment at the bottom of this page or post on the message wall of the calculator's creator.

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