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Use this calculator to see how the Headquarters Damage Rules affect the health of the Headquarters, Outpost, or Power Core in an attack.

Enemy Building Health Statues: This is the total bonus given by all of the enemy's Building Health Statues. This input can be entered as an expression. For example, the enemy might have a boosted 30% Building Health Masterpiece and an unboosted 12% Building Health Guardian. You could enter this equation: (2*30)+12

Maximum Attackable Buildings
on a Player Base
HQ Lvl 1 5 HQ Lvl 2 9
HQ Lvl 3 11 HQ Lvl 4 13
HQ Lvl 5 15 HQ Lvl 6 18
HQ Lvl 7 22 HQ Lvl 8 25
HQ Lvl 9 27 HQ Lvl 10 31
HQ Lvl 11 34 HQ Lvl 12 38
HQ Lvl 13 42 HQ Lvl 14 45
HQ Lvl 15 48 HQ Lvl 16 52
HQ Lvl 17 56 HQ Lvl 18 58
HQ Lvl 19 60 HQ Lvl 20 62
HQ Lvl 21 63 HQ Lvl 22 64

Number of Base Buildings: This input is the number of attackable buildings on the base other than the Headquarters, Outpost, or Power Core. For Mercenary bases, you can use the table to the right to help determine how many attackable buildings that your opponent has. Remember to add one or two to the table's amount if the base has one or two Prototype Defenses.

For Power Bases, simply subtract one from the total Force Points possible for that base. (The Power Core awards a Force Point.) For the War Factory, the number of base buildings will be 149.

Number of Base Buildings Destroyed: This is the number of base buildings that you plan to destroy, or for a Power Base or the War Factory, the number of base buildings that have already been destroyed.

Note that using Sabotage will not damage the Power Core. This will not affect the damage dealt to the Power Core by destroying other buildings, but not as much damage can be dealt to the Power Core without attacking it directly because the damage that the sabotaged building could cause is lost.

If you have any suggestions to improve this calculator or would like to report a bug or data error, write a comment at the bottom of this page or post on the message wall of the calculator's creator.

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