Use this calculator to see the statistics of your Headquarters-rushing army and determine how you fare against a base that you plan on attacking. This calculator also shows you how Power Powder could affect your attack. Simply fill out the form with some basic information and submit it to view an in-depth report for your army.

Note: The Statue Percentage inputs cannot contain the percent sign (%). Simply input the total percentage that the enemy's Building Health Statues and your Troop Damage Statues add up to.

Tip: You can also enter the Statue increase amounts as an expression.
Example: If you have a 29% Troop Damage Statue and a 10% Troop Damage Statue, you could enter the following expression into the box: 29+10
Boosts: Do not input the doubled percentage of a statue that is boosted by Power Powder. Inputting 2*(29+10) would lead to inaccurate results since the calculator calculates boosts by itself.

If you have any suggestions to improve this calculator or would like to report a bug or data error, write a comment at the bottom of this page or post on the message wall of the calculator's creator.

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