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  • The Imitation Game is an event that occurs on Fridays in the event cycle. Like the other events, it lasts for 21 hours, appearing at 6 a.m. in your time zone. Note that Daylight Saving Time (DST) will also affect the Imitation Game event times.
  • It is unlocked by defeating Lt. Hammerman's level 30 base, which in turn requires a level 9 Radar.
  • In this event, Lt. Hammerman has copied some of the best bases in the Archipelago, and it's up to you to destroy these bases.


  • The event consists of 7 stages of increasing difficulty, similar to Dr. T's bases. Each stage is a copy of an existing player base in the Archipelago.
    • The bases that are copied have HQ levels that generally increase as the stages get harder. At stage 1, Hammerman copies a base of HQ level 10 or 11. At stage 2, Hammerman copies a base of HQ level 12 or 13, and the pattern continues.
  • You are given 10 attacks in all to defeat these 7 stages.
    • Damage is persisting and carries over to subsequent attacks, similar to Power Bases, the War Factory and Mega Crab.
  • The stages comprise of buildings that a Mercenary Base would have, including Prototype Defenses. It is possible that one of the buildings on the base may be upgrading at the time you attack it, including defenses.
    • The username of the original base that was copied will be displayed when attacking.
  • Statues of all types and sizes can appear on these stages, as they are copies of other players' bases.
    • Unlike Dr. T, Ice Statues do not necessarily get stronger. They may not even appear at all on a certain stage. For instance, it is possible that stage 2 has 2 Ice Statues but stage 3 has none.
  • The XP levels of each base are constant, regardless of the actual XP level of the base that was copied. For instance, the XP level of stage 1 is 8, even though bases at HQ levels 10 and 11 would have a minimum XP level of 21.
  • Defeating a stage in the Imitation Game will reward you with Gold, Wood, Stone and Iron. Magma Power Stones, Intel and Prototype Modules can also be won from each stage.
    • Similar to Dr. T's events, the rewards are based around the amount of Wood, and the Gold reward in this event is 1.5 times that of Wood plus your attack cost. Also, the Stone reward is 5/6th that of Wood, and Iron reward is 2/3rd that of Wood.
    • The amount of Wood for the n-th stage is .


Imitation Game Rewards
Stage XP Level HQ Level Gold Reward^
Wood Reward
Stone Reward
Iron Reward
1 8 10-11 126,600 84,400 70,333 56,266
2 15 12-13 155,400 103,600 86,333 69,066
3 30 14-15 191,400 127,600 106,333 85,066
4 42 16-17 234,600 156,400 130,333 104,266
5 53 18-19 285,000 190,000 158,333 126,666
6 60 20-21 342,600 228,400 190,333 152,266
7 60 22 407,400 271,600 226,333 181,066
Total loot 1,743,000 1,162,000 968,331 774,662

^a is your Attack Cost. It is added to your Gold reward, so it is also increased by Resource Reward Statues.