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"Collect Intel to start Task Force operations!"

General Information

  • Players in a Task Force collect Intel which is used to start Operations in the Blackguard Mainland.
  • Intel belongs to your Task Force. If you leave that Task Force, you do not take your gathered Intel with you.
  • Individual Intel counts reset at midnight GMT every Sunday. The Task Force's total Intel count does not reset.
  • Once a certain amount of Intel has been collected, the Task Force leader or officers can spend Intel to begin an Operation.
    • Intel is consumable. This means that once it is spent, it is not refunded in any way, so you will need to keep collecting more.
    • To see how much Intel it costs to start each Operation, see the Operation page.
  • Intel cannot be gained while not in a Task Force.

Obtaining Intel

  • There are six ways to obtain Intel.
    • If you attack and defeat a Mercenary Base, you have a 50% chance of receiving Intel.
    • If you attack and defeat a Blackguard Base or Dr. T stage, you have a 25% chance of receiving Intel.
    • You can also get Intel by destroying a certain number of Troops while defending your home base.
      • Click here to see how the number of troops defeated affects your Intel reward.
      • Intel obtained from Base defense needs to be claimed before the weekly Intel reset.
    • It may also be received by defeating a stage of the Mega Crab event.
    • 1-4 Intel is provided as rewards for opening a Supply Chest.
    • Intel is guaranteed by defeating a stage of the Hammerman Strikes Back event.
  • There is no way to boost the chances to receive Intel from any of these methods.
  • Once collected, Intel is added to that player's Task Force's Intel count as well as that player's individual count.


  • Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Officers can also spend Intel to sabotage (destroy) random Defensive Buildings in Operations.
  • Each sabotage destroys one Defensive Building. Sabotage will never destroy a Power Cell or the Power Core.
  • When a Defensive Building is sabotaged, permanent scorch marks appear around the place where it was, indicating that it was sabotaged.
  • The first sabotage on an Operation costs 3 Intel. Each sabotage after that on the same Operation costs 2 more Intel than the last sabotage.
  • The destruction of a building using sabotage does not deal damage to the Power Core like destroying buildings normally would.


  • The Intel appears to be a blueprint for the Power Core on the Blackguard factories.
  • Collecting Intel from the destruction of a base makes the same sound that is heard when you get 2 Victory Points from a Blackguard Base. If Power Stones are also earned, it may not be heard.
  • Maximum Intel that can be held by a Task Force varies by the carrying capacity of the Task Force.
    • 5 members = 250
    • 10 members = 400
    • 25 members = 600
    • 50 members = 1000