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General Information

  • If you have notifications for Boom Beach enabled on your device, the game will send you various alerts about your game.
  • The table below lists the notifications that the game can send.


Message Trigger Can Appear while Device is Not Connected to the Internet
Troop training complete! All Landing Craft full Yes
<Building> construction finished Building construction finishes Yes
<Building/Troop/Gunboat Weapon> upgrade to <level> finished Upgrade completes Yes
<Idol/Guardian/Masterpiece> construction finished Statue creation complete Yes
Submarine ready for duty Submarine returns from a dive Yes
Prototype expired! Prototype Defense reaches 7 days of use and explodes Yes
Dr. T has landed! Start of either Dr. T Event Yes
War Factory spotted! Start of War Factory event Yes
Hammerman on the hunt! Start of Hammerman Strikes Back event Yes
The Mega Crab rises! Start of Mega Crab Event Yes
We're fully prepared to attack the Mega Crab! Your remaining attacks in the Mega Crab Event has recovered to eight Yes
<Player Name> has started operation <Operation Name> The leader, a co-leader or an officer who is not you starts an Operation No
<Player Name> has pinned a chat message The leader, a co-leader or an officer who is not you has pinned a chat message No
Operation <Operation Name> ends soon. You haven't attacked yet. Appears 2 hours before your Task Force's Operation ends when it is incomplete and you have not yet used your attack. No
<Player Name> invited you to join <Task Force Name> Player has attempted to invite you back to his or her Task Force. No
Commander, your troops are waiting for orders! After 3 days of not logging into the game Yes
Statue boost running out in 30 minutes! Timer on a boosted statue goes down to 30 minutes Yes
Statue boost ran out! Timer on a boosted statue expires Yes
Re: <customer support ticket info> * Customer service agent replies to your ticket No

* Notifications regarding a customer support ticket can appear even while you are logged into your game.