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"Power Powder can supercharge any statue for a limited amount of time."

General Information

  • Power Powder is used to double a Statue's effect for a limited amount of time. (See chart below)
  • You use Power Powder by tapping on the Statue that you wish to boost and tapping the Power Powder button. A confirmation box will appear. Once you press the "Boost" button, the timer will begin counting down.
  • Power Powder is a consumable item meaning that once you use one, you cannot get it back.
  • Power Powder can be received by either salvaging a Masterpiece or by upgrading your Sculptor. It can also be received by defeating a stage of the Mega Crab event.
    • After salvaging a Masterpiece, you receive 7 Power Powder.
    • After upgrading the Sculptor, you receive 1 Power Powder.
    • After beating a stage of Mega Crab, there is a chance of getting 1 Power Powder.
  • You can use more than one Power Powder on a Statue at once. Each additional Power Powder will extend the duration of the boost by the same amount of time that one Power Powder lasts.
  • If the game goes into maintenance, any active boosts will be paused.
  • Boosted Statues will glow and radiate small particles.


  • The limit on the amount of Power Powder one player can have is 9 million, which means that you never have to worry about running out of space for more Power Powder because it is virtually impossible to reach this limit.
  • Power Powder originally could be earned only by salvaging Masterpieces, but now, Power Powder is received from upgrading the Sculptor and from completing Mega Crab stages.
  • Power Powder has the colors of all the 4 types of Power Stones. It is logical that the Sculptor sweeping his workshop would produce multi-colored Power Powder, but it seems counter-intuitive that salvaging just one color Statue would produce Power Powder with more than one color.


Statue Effect Statue Duration of Boost per Powder Time
Boost Gold Production 72 hours
Boost Wood Production 72 hours
Boost Stone Production 72 hours
Boost Iron Production 72 hours
Boost All Resources Production 72 hours
Boost Troop Health 3 hours
Boost Troop Damage 3 hours
Boost Building Health 8 hours
Boost Defensive Building Damage 8 hours
Boost Resource Reward 3 hours
Boost Gunboat Energy 3 hours
Boost Power Stone Chance 3 hours

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