General Information

  • Barbed Wire is a defensive structure that can appear on high-end Operations.
  • Any troops walking in barbed wire will have their movement speed impaired and slowly lose health.
  • Barbed Wire has a base damage per second value of 80, but this damage is often increased by Ice Statues present on the power base.
  • Barbed Wire is an invincible structure; no Troops, Gunboat Weaponry, Hero Abilities or Sabotage can damage or destroy the fence.

Offensive Strategy

  • Do not attempt to use Barrage or Artillery to destroy the fence. It will not work.
  • When possible, find different routes that avoid barbed wire when using Zookas.
  • If you have to go through the Barbed Wire, consider using Troops other than Zookas.
  • If there is only a single row of fencing in a select area that must be crossed to carry on an attack, place a Medkit on the Barbed Wire as Troops pass through. Examine the heal per second of your own Medkit before attempting as having a net loss could result in a failed attack.


  • Barbed Wire typically only appears in the highest level Operations (Deep Cut and above), but it formerly appeared in the base named "Strange Attractors" all the way down to the Mambo Operation. Subsequently, the Barbed Wire was removed from the base.
  • The real-world barbed wire was invented by Michael Kelly in 1868 but was improved significantly by Joseph F. Glidden who received a patent for the modern version of it in 1874.
  • It is the only building that cannot be destroyed.
  • Troops that come in contact with the Barbed Wire will turn a bluish tint until they cease taking damage from the fence.
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