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General Information

  • Barbed Wire is a defensive structure that only appears on the Forlorn Hope Operation.
  • Any troops walking in barbed wire will have their movement speed impaired and slowly lose health.
  • Barbed Wire has a base damage per second value of 80, but this damage is often increased by Ice Statues present on the power base.
  • Barbed Wire is an invincible structure; no Troops, Gunboat Weaponry, or Sabotage can damage or destroy the fence.

Offensive Strategy

  • Do not attempt to use Barrage or Artillery to destroy the fence. It will not work.
  • When possible, find different routes that avoid barbed wire when using Zookas.
  • If you have to go through the Barbed Wire, consider using Troops other than Zookas.
  • If there is only a single row of fencing in a select area that must be crossed to carry on an attack, place a Medkit on the Barbed Wire as Troops pass through. Examine the heal per second of your own Medkit before attempting as having a net loss could result in a failed attack.


  • Barbed Wire was invented in 1865 by Englishman Richard Newton.
  • It is the only building that cannot be destroyed.
  • Troops that come in contact with the Barbed Wire will turn a bluish tint until they cease taking damage from the fence.