Base Statistics

  • Total Buildings: 16
  • Total Energy Available from Buildings: 45
  • Total Energy Available from Non-defensive Buildings: 0
  • Destroying a building will reduce the HQ's health by 4.667%


Recommended Army Composition: Tank-Medic

Walkthrough: Use Artillery or Barrage to destroy two of the three Shock Launchers. Deploy your Troops on the right side of the beach. Allow them to destroy the other Shock Launcher while avoiding the Cannons on the left. As the last Shock Launcher goes down, use Shock Bombs and/or Medkits to support your Tanks from Rocket Launcher fire if necessary. You might want to consider destroying one or two of the Rocket Launchers if they are too troublesome for your Troops. Attack the Headquarters from the right side of the base. Your Troops should be out of range of the Cannons.

Alternate Strategy

Recommended Army Composition: Heavy-Zooka or Heavy-Zooka-Medic

Walkthrough: Destroy the Rocket Launchers using Artillery or Barrage. Make sure to keep a few Gunboat Energy for a Shock Bomb. Deploy your Troops on the right side of the beach and immediately place a Shock Bomb between the middle and bottommost Shock Launchers. Let your Troops destroy the three Shock Launchers. They should then automatically target the Headquarters. Any remaining Rocket Launchers shouldn’t really be a threat, but Shock them or Medkit your Troops if you wish.
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