Big Bore



Base Statistics

  • Total Buildings: 37
  • Total Energy Available from Buildings: 108
  • Total Energy Available from Non-defensive Buildings: 9
  • Destroying a building will reduce the HQ's health by 1.944%


Recommended Army Composition: Tank-Medic

Walkthrough: Destroy the 2 Boom Cannons near the shore and the Boom Mines with Artillery and Barrage. Deploy your Troops on the left side of the beach and carefully Flare them onto the Headquarters to stay out of range of the Boom Cannons and Cannons. Shock the Shock Launchers to keep them from slowing your attack.

Alternate Strategy

Recommended Army Composition: Zookas

Walkthrough: Use Artillery and Barrage to destroy the Cannons, Rocket Launcher, the Boom Cannon on the left as well as the 4 Boom Cannons on the right side. Once that is done, deploy your Zookas on the right side of the beach, using a Shock Bomb on the remaining Boom Cannon and Sniper Tower. Allow your Zookas to destroy these two defenses, and use Critters to trigger some of the Boom Mines. Once the two aforementioned defenses are destroyed, there should only be Flamethrowers left to stop your Zookas before they can attack the HQ whilst out of range of any other defenses.

Normally Zookas will outrange the Flamethrowers themselves but some may be caught in the range of a particular Flamethrower whilst targeting another. If this is the case, shock the Flamethrower in question and quickly use Medkits to heal the burn damage and prevent your Zookas from being destroyed. You can also preemptively shock the Flamethrowers to prevent such an incident from happening in the first place.
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