Double Front



Base Statistics

  • Total Buildings: 33
  • Total Energy Available from Buildings: 96
  • Total Energy Available from Non-defensive Buildings: 27
  • Destroying a building will reduce the HQ's health by 2.188%


Recommended Army Composition: Heavy-Zooka

Walkthrough: Destroy both left Boom Cannons with Barrage and Artillery. Deploy your Troops on the left side of the left beach. Let your Troops destroy the Sniper Towers, Machine Guns, and Mortars. Do your best to avoid the Boom Mines. As the Rocket Launchers fire on your Troops, use a Shock Bomb or Medkit. When your Troops start targeting the Headquarters (be sure to Flare them if necessary), Shock the Rocket Launchers. If you do not have enough Gunboat Energy, use Medkits on your Zookas (Heavies should be in the Rocket Launcher's blind spot). There should be enough Heavies attacking the Headquarters to distract the Rocket Launcher(s) as the Zookas destroy the Headquarters.

Alternate Strategy

Recommended Army Composition: Warriors

Walkthrough: Barrage the Headquarters to destroy the group of Mines. Deploy your Troops on the right beach. Flare them onto the Cannon (the Boom Mines shouldn't be a big deal, destroy them if necessary beforehand). Flare your Warriors on to the Headquarters while making a path of Smoke Screens. Use a Shock Bomb on the Flamethrowers, Machine Guns, and Rocket Launchers.
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