Base Statistics

  • Total Buildings: 16
  • Total Energy Available from Buildings: 45
  • Total Energy Available from Non-defensive Buildings: 6
  • Destroying a building will reduce the HQ's health by 4.667%


Recommended Army Composition: Tanks and Medics

Walkthrough: Eliminate the Boom Cannon and the Boom Mine south of it, as well as the easternmost Cannons you may face, before deploying your troops on the east side of the beach (if you cannot eliminate the defenses stated above then don't worry, you can use a Shock+Flare combo on them). Flare them towards the south-east side of the bunker, then attack the defenses from there. Use Shock Bombs if necessary on the Cannons to stop the Cannons from firing on your Tanks, as well as a Flare if necessary to focus the Tanks onto the Cannon. Once the two east Cannons are taken down, eliminate the two Sniper Towers in a similar fashion. Then, eliminate the easternmost Flamethrower (if you did not do so earlier) then charge for the HQ.
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