Base Statistics

  • Total Buildings: 25
  • Total Energy Available from Buildings: 72
  • Total Energy Available from Non-defensive Buildings: 30
  • Destroying a building will reduce the HQ's health by 2.917%


Recommended Army Composition: Heavy-Zooka-Rifle

Walkthrough: Destroy both Boom Cannons with Artillery or Barrage. Damage or destroy the Cannon as well if possible, but keep at least 2 Gunboat Energy. Place a Heavy Landing Craft near the middle right of the beach and the other Landing Craft to the right. Immediately Flare them to the Bunker nearest the beach. When your Troops approach the bunker after the Flare is deployed, the Sniper Tower will only target the Heavies which will soak up the hits, instead of getting mixed up with the Zookas. Let your Troops destroy both Bunkers. Then place a Shock Bomb in the middle of the remains of the right Boom Cannon. This will render the 5 Machine Guns and Sniper Tower nearest the beach useless, giving your Troops enough time to destroy them. Then place a Shock Bomb on the Flamethrower as your Troops approach it, making sure the Shock Bomb catches the Cannon too. Once the Flamethrower, two upper right Sniper Towers and Cannon are destroyed, Flare your Troops to the upper right corner of the base and cover your Heavies and Riflemen with Smoke Screens while the Zookas destroy the base, out of range of any Defense.

The key to destroying this base is fundamentally down to the placement of your Shock Bombs. Get it right and you will have few or no casualties.
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