Way Out



Base Statistics

  • Total Buildings: 39
  • Total Energy Available from Buildings: 114
  • Total Energy Available from Non-defensive Buildings: 45
  • Destroying a building will reduce the HQ's health by 1.842%


Recommended Army Composition: Tanks and Medics

Walkthrough: Destroy the Cannon near the HQ with Artillery/Barrage. Deploy your Tanks on the left beach near the Supplies. After the Supply Buildings are destroyed, Flare your Troops to the top group of Defenses and destroy them. At that point there should be nothing left to stop your Tanks.

Alternate Strategy

Recommended Army Composition: Warriors

Walkthrough: Destroy three Mortars next to the HQ at once by hitting their shared corner. Deploy Warriors on the left end of the beach and Flare them to HQ. Cover Warriors with Smoke Screen. Barrage the Supplies on the left to get more Gunboat Energy for protecting Warriors with Shock Bombs.

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