• Joe handy2

    I know lots of you are beginners, around HQ 8 through 10. The Warrior is one of the best troops at this time in the game, so it is frequently used. At this HQ level, you haven’t unlocked Smokescreen, so you are unable to use SW, or Smokey Warrior. But, Warriors can still be used to attack bases successfully. This is because of Shock Bombs. Shock Bombs are an effective tool at this level, disarming defenses temporarily so that the Warrior can destroy or get out of their range.

    Another useful tool is the flare. Many mercenary bases at this level are poorly defended and the defenses can be flanked and avoided. You can combine Flares and Shock Bombs to flank and destroy the Enemy HQ directly, or destroy a few other buildings in the proce…

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  • Awyman13

    Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I’m the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

    Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

    • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
    • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
    • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
    • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

    Questions? Let me know how I can help. - --awyman13 Talk Work 03:48, May 10, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Император МД


    March 18, 2019 by Император МД

    Hello everyone! In this blog post you can find many interesting polls from me. Feel free to vote!

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  • Jono4

    I was interested in how the 25 man leader board was affected by "tribal cycles" because sometimes the boosts are very useful for operations and sometimes they are woeful. Other cyclical things things can affect the leaderboard, like temporary gunboat abilities, Mega Crab and even Prototype troops - but I hoped these effect would be small.

    I took a screen capture of the 25 man leader-board every two weeks at the end of the tribes (Monday or Tuesday). I am interested in the amount of force points, not in the particular teams. I tried to take the screen captures on the day the tribes reset but it was more important to take it at the same time of day: 08:52 local time was convenient for me (my office has a nice coffee machine) (22:52 UTC). My a…

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  • Император МД


    November 26, 2018 by Император МД

    Scorchers - easy Offensive Strategy that use only Scorchers. You need much Gunboat Energy to landing this army, but high damage and health make Scorchers effectively immortal army.

    Scorchers have maximum damage per second and health of all the troops in the game in counting of 1 unit. You can train only 1 Scorcher to each Landing Craft, and Landing Craft has to be level 17 minimum. So the most quantity of Scorchers can be 8 units (if you have 8 Landing Crafts from 17 to 22 level).
    The most dangerously defensive buildings against Scorchers - Cannons, Boom Cannons and Shock Launchers. General strategy:

    1. Landing army.
    2. Destroying Prototype Defenses and Shock Launchers.
    3. Destroying Cannons and Boom Cannons.
    4. Destroying Headquarters.

    Sniper Tower…

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  • Chaosgamer4LiFe

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  • DavidDaLord

    Beginner's Guide

    October 9, 2018 by DavidDaLord

    I've upgraded my HQ to 12, so I think I'm officially in mid-game now!

    So, I will write this guide to help others in their early days.

    I suggest not to prioritize your LCs unless you are in HQ's 4, 8, 10, or 12. Always do prioritize your GB though. You could always use a bit more energy. In HQ 4, you will unlock Sgt. Brick, a good damage-dealer that can support all heavies. However, try getting and using Dr. Kavan ASAP. More about this in the next section.

    Usually, try to attack bases you can easily beat so as not to lose troops. In the last attack of the day though, attack a hard base, or if the HQ is level 6+, attack Hammerman, an OP or Dr. T. Do hold off on the first Hammerman until HQ 6 and the later ones until HQ 9, so you can get the res…

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  • DavidDaLord

    HQ 11 Troubles

    September 29, 2018 by DavidDaLord

    I'm constantly having issues defending my base against tanks in HQ 11. I don't have a BC, and most people can fit 2 tanks/LC. My VPs need to be this high for me to get enought resources for building upgrades. Does anyone know the best way to place my cannons to counter tanks? (Also, my BM tends to not do very much damage to tanks. Are they under-upgraded?)

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  • SubZeroYT7

    Some of the best YouTubers have all kinds of strategies, and some of them are nuts, while others are pretty good. If you are a low level, don't attempt any of these load outs, like CosmicDuo's all Smokey Warrior charge. Just stick with Heavy Zooka or Heavy Riflemen. These two combos work best against Sniper Towers and Mortars. With Machine Guns, make sure to bring more than one Heavy for damage absorption, even if that means upgrading your Landing Craft. If you want to succeed, follow my advice.

    1. Never charge a Mortar head on with the Hooka. The shells will wreck your Zookas before they lay a finger on the Mortar.

    2. Don't waste GBE. Even if that means letting that Sniper Tower fire on your troops, don't fire on it and let the Cannon right…

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  • RagedBarbar!an

    • The Dr. T Turtle is a rare, gag beach creature.
    • It comes from the animated commercial Dr. T Goes Undercover, a commercial created in the time leading up to the release of Heroes.

    • It appears as Dr. T dressed in a turtle costume lying on the beach.
    • When tapped, the shell opens up, revealing helicopter blades. Dr. T then flys over the ocean.
    • He leaves behind what appears to be purple eggs.

    • This seems to be one of the rarest things that can show up on a player’s beach, if not the rarest.
    • The helicopter blades and purple eggs were not in the original commercial.
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  • AudiGamer1

    Strategy: Defend

    March 29, 2018 by AudiGamer1

    Wanted to know how to defend your bases better??

    [This is a strategy blog]

    First tip:

    Dont put buildings close together, because 1 Artillery can damage or destroy multiple building at once.

    Second tip:

    Dont put your HQ too close the to beach, because people can destroy your HQ and get loot and 2 free victory points.

    Third tip:

    To protect from people that use Warrior Flare Smoke strategy put machine guns and flamethrowers near the HQ.

    Fourth tip:

    The protect from a lot of low HP troops upgrade your mortars, rocket launchers and shock launchers use tham a effective way.

    Fifth tip:

    Dont put defences too close, because 1 barrage can damage or destroy multiple defences at once.

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  • Kaiser Emotion

    Theory On Island 51

    October 31, 2017 by Kaiser Emotion

    Theory On Island 51

    This is a small theory on island 51.

    Something put in Boom Beach news recently which has a name resemblance to the somewhat famous Area 51, known for Alien Conspiracy Theories. 

    According to that post. The island is not included on the map. But my theory says it is on the map but unlabeled.

    I believe Island 51 is just northeast of the playerbase and just south of mega turtle and mega crab shadows. 

    I believe island 51 is the same island famously known to be attacked by the mega crab but never taking visible damage. 

    This is just my theory feel free to throw others out.

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  • YT: General Masher

    No, Masher is not dead lol

    Sorry about being absent for SO DANG LONG, the fact that I have to watch over the forums and reddit and discord is tiresome! After all that weird stuff going on in there, I'm beginning to make my comeback! If it isn't obvious enough, this topic is all about my thoughts on the heroes. Let's get this rolling!

    For those of you who don't know what a hero is, it's a special kind of troop that has a different personality as well as being a HUGE help to your troops. They don't take time to retrain, but what bugs me about them is that you have to have at least 1 troop to attack a base. C'mon Supercell, is the hero not something?! Sometimes if you're very skilled (like me), you can beat bases with the hero alone. They usual…

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  • 649537

    Ticker Tape

    August 25, 2017 by 649537

    Ticker Tape is one of the Operations i've already done it. I've done it 5 times with 12-man TF, winning 4 times against levels 66 and 1 against level 62. Ticker Tape is actually Stronger than Charleston. It has 3 Power Bases, containing levels of : 58, 62, 66. In some cases, they have also Shield Generators.

    Force Points Total: 225

    It is actually the weakest Power Base in Ticker Tape Operation. They have boosts around 30 to 40% HP, and around 12-20% Damage Statues. They always have at least 1 Prototype Weapon.

    It also appears on Charleston, Mid Power Base.

    It is the Medium Power Base in Ticker Tape Operation. It is a bit Stronger Version of Strongest Charleston BASE 61. Their boosts have 48 to 56% HP Statues and 15-22% DMG Statues. They always…

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  • LicensePlateGuy

    Smokey Warriors!

    August 14, 2017 by LicensePlateGuy

    Smokey warriors, for me, a level 33, is one of the best strategies I've ever seen. This shall be the ultimate guide to using this strategy.

    Step one would be to look for a base possible for warriors. A base you want to attack looks like this:

    • HQ is on the edge of the base
    • Base is spread out.
    • Defenses cannot hit the beach
    • Mines are set in a tight minefield (which you will BARRAGE muhahahaha)

    You can still attack a base that doesn't fit a few of these requirements.

    Now, take a look at the mines. If they are spread out into the base, it's quite bad. You may have to use barrage a bit, unless you see a pathway clear or containing little mines.

    You want as much gbe as possible --- around 50 for a mid level.

    Now, plan where your shocks go. Here are some ke…

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  • Zazme Yakuza

    Cubing Statistics

    April 9, 2017 by Zazme Yakuza

    Hello, ,Welcome to this blog, it's been awhile since I wrought one.

     Zazme_Yakuza  Contact Me  Blog  Edits  Rules and Policies   12:53,9-Apr-2017 

    Here we are going to talk about my cubing statistics

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  • MegalodonX
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  • Kaiser Emotion

    Guide to GRiM


    Medics- Keeps the troops alive long enough to finish a base off in the last seconds! Unload them with the Grenadiers in case of remaining rocket or mortar. I recommend 1-2 boats of medium leveled medics.              


    I personally prefer Everspark because the critters can distract key defenses buildings.

    Send her out with grenadiers and medics as somewhat as a shield

    Use GBE on these defenses-

    5 highest 1 lowest 

    Shock launcher- 5 -- These can slow you down enough that you could run out of time is the highest threat.

    Rocket launcher-5 -- Take out as many of these as possible if you have to leave one standing.

    Sniper tower-4 -- These can make quick work of grenadiers but enough riflemen can overrun.

    Mortar-4 -- The slow …

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  • MagmaHound

    These lists contain all upgrade costs, sorted by the HQ level in which they can be upgraded.

    These lists are sorted in descending order of total cost. Each resource is weighted equally (i.e. 1 Wood is considered equal to 1 Stone and 1 Iron).

    Each entry shows the building/gold upgrade, followed by the level it is upgraded to, followed by the cost.

    These entries are highlighted in a color scheme, which categorizes the upgrades. The category represented by each of these colors are shown in the table below.

    For this purpose the Hero Hut is assumed to be a support building as they house the supporting Heroes.

    Background Color Category Represented in Building Upgrade Table Category Represented in Armory Upgrade Table
    Gunboat Weapon…

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  • Kaiser Emotion

                                             This is my first blog and i hope you enjoy it. This will talk about some uses of Critters. They are ordered by how useful they are.

    1. The first being distraction and taking out low HP defenses, placement is key always try to put critters away from your troops so the turrets have to turn away.
    2. The second is with combination of other abilities one can defeat a base without deploying troops. If the HQ is away from the other defenses one can use artillery and barrage s to take out anything guarding it and use critters to finish it off.
    3. Lastly the two front war. send your troops on the beach and throw a bunch of critters at the back of the base if the HQ has defenses around it and somewhat centered in the bas…
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  • YT: General Masher

    I finally reahed up to 100 Subscribers, what does that mean? I get to do another Q&A! Last time I posted a announcement of this, no one really paid attention :(

    But I really hope I get you guys to ask some questions in the comment section below, if you don't want to ask me via the youtube video just comment on this blog post. Ask me as many questions as you'd like but bear in mind I'll have to write these down on paper since last time I tried to log onto the wiki on my Android, it didn't really work. You have until next Monday and that's when I'l be answering the questions, this blog will also be posted on the Clash Royale Wiki if you wonder if I'm gonna do that. Thank you guys so much for 100 Subscribers, make sure you subscribe to my chan…

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  • YT: General Masher

    Just a few things I should say before moving on with the actual blog:

    1. This is NOT the truth, these are simply my opinions on what I think is balanced or not.

    2. If you think Boom Beach is (un)balanced, let me know why you came up with that conclusion.

    3. There's no reason to hate me just because I went against your opinions, do what disclaimer #2 says and we'll talk.

    With that said, let's get started!

    This is what I don't have a problem with about the game, I think Supercell should keep the following:

    This may seem akward, but I think the NPC Bases we get are fair game. If you get something like Thunder Cats at HQ level 12 or 13 and you have maxed out offense, you can beat it easily. Or if you get it at HQ level 14 and you don't have maxed of…

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  • Salatovnik

    Lets get this over with.

    January 20, 2017 by Salatovnik

    So, here you go. we will keep this one short - My brother died 3 days ago. I dont want to make any more diary of rifleman again maybe I will restore it in the future. Goodbye.

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  • YT: General Masher

    I'm gonna keep this one short, here ya go: Ask me anything!

    If you don't have a youtube account, ask me anything in the wiki comment section below. Thanks! - General Masher

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  • YT: General Masher

    Hey guys, I'm Gmasher! This isn't the official list as the story still isn't complete but I will add more stories along the way, aside from that remember this is a completely different universe compared to the one we live in. That said, here are the teams:

    Allies Central Powers
    Russian Empire German Empire
    United States Austria-Hungary
    British Empire Ottoman Empire
    France Bulgaria
    Empire of Japan

    Kingdom of Italy

    Allies Axis
    Soviet Union Germany
    United States Japanese Empire
    United Kingdom Italy

    French Resistance




    Blue Team Red Team
    All NATO Members before 1990 All Warsaw Pact Members
    Cuban Rebels Cuba
    South Korea PRC
    Australia North Korea
    Republic of China North Vietnam
    Philippines Viet Cong
    South Vietnam Panther Lao
    PRC Rebels Khmer Rog…

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  • Christopher Zho

    For Me, I would say that Doctor T is my favorite because he has two locations. Pros: Unlimited attacks. Power stones most unique Cons: your attack does not save if you failed

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  • YT: General Masher

    It's about time the story tells us the events! The stories aren't finished but all the links to the stories and it's different parts are finally official. Let me know if you want your story in the timeline in the comment section and me, Magma Hound & Salatovnik will debate if it will be in the timeline, the list is in chronological order.

    The Other Side of the Broken World Part 1

    The Other Side of the Broken World Part 2

    The Other Side of the Broken World Part 3

    The Other Side of the Broken World Finale all by me (YT Gmasher)

    Rifleman & Cryoneer by Magma Hound

    Diary of a Rifleman Part 1

    Diary of a Rifleman Part 2

    Diary of a Rifleman Part 3

    Diary of a Rifleman Finale all by Salatovnik

    The Boom Beach Story Part 1

    The Boom Beach Story Part 2

    The Boom Bea…

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  • YT: General Masher

    The Aleutian Islands, where the stories take place.

    The rest of the story is from Andrei's POV, I apologize if you didn't like Dmitri's version of Part 2, I just wanted you to know what happened after Andrei abandoned their squad while they were searching for the General. If you want to know what happened in Part 3, click here. That said, enjoy the finale!

    Whenever a prisoner is first captured, they would normally be interrogated by a professional interrogator so they can find out the purpose of a crime. That was the case for me as I literally woke up in an interrogation room strapped to an electric chair, I couldn't find out where I was as there were no windows showing the outside area. Though I will say "I got lucky and had a bad interroga…

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  • Salatovnik

    NOTE - This might be crazy, but I may involve portal. I know you guys will be against it but it would be nice experiment.

    9.12.2016 ENTRY TWENTY TWO

    Blackguard was here again, with Zhao´s head on a plate. Im a little upset now, if I will not join him he will enjoy torturing me and burning my base, that wont be nice.

    Some time later...

    28.3.2017 ENTRY TWENTY THREE


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  • Prokop0223

    Hello! This is my first blog in this wiki!
    First of all, I wnat to say that Boom Beach (and Clash Royale) is the best mobile game ever!

    In this blog, I will explain why is BB funnier than CoC.

    Boom Beach Clash of Clans
    Good Things
    • Better look - the base looks way better
    • Less building time - in lower HQ, avergae build time is few hours
    • More levels - more detailed differences

    Bad Things

    • One builder - if there were two, it'd be way better. I do not think there should be 3 or more...
    Good Things
    • Work in Progress

    Bad Things

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  • YT: General Masher

    Blazing through the streets of Berlin to save Hitler (why? good question).

    For Part 2, click here. This part isn't after Part 2, instead this is what Andrei's brother Dmitri Konstantin has been going through while Andrei has been zipping across Poland with the rancher. That said, here is Part 3!

    This is bull! I could have been wandering off like what Andrei did instead of searching for the dumb General, but I chose to obey my father and search for him. If you didn't know what happened in Part 2 Chapter 10-11, Andrei blew up the Nazi tank depot while the General was in there. My father ordered my squad to find the General so I can move on to crush the border patrol, while doing that I felt like something strange was happening. "Could he have …

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  • YT: General Masher

    Warsaw, Poland after the Warsaw Uprising, it remained like this until the Soviet Union liberated Poland.

    If you haven't seen Part 1 of my story, click here first and read that it so you get an understanding of what happens before Part 2. If you have read Part 1, good for you because you understand the whole story. This is part 2 of Andrei's story of serving Russia in World War 2!

    The General requested Stalin to arrive on sight at this Consentration Camp so he could see the horrors the Nazis have been up to, as I said in Chapter 8 I really wanted to leave now that Stalin arrived with 100 men guarding him (yes, he's that important to the Soviets). However I didn't confess that to him because I had to wait for his orders, I'm only a private yet…

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  • MagmaHound

    Rifleman x Cryoneer.

    November 12, 2016 by MagmaHound

    This is a story about two troops, a Rifleman named Randy and a Cryoneer named Carrie.

    This story is told from three points of view:

    Randy's point of view, of which the text is blue, like this.

    Carrie's point of view, of which the text is light pink, like this.

    And a third person narrator who does not take part in the story, of which the text is gray, or grey, depending on how you'd like to call it.

    Without further adue, may the story begin.

    I was enlisted when I was sixteen. I was a very patriotic and loyal person myself, and it didn't take me long before I joined the rebellion. I ran away from my parents; even though they saw potential in my spirit, they decided against me joining any sort of army. I never regretted running away that day. Someh…

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  • YT: General Masher

    Andrei is somewhere in this photo.

    Hey guys, I'm Gmasher. Veterans day is an event in which the people that died in WW2 are honored. Because people have been making their nonsense stories that didn't make sense (notably Ice with his Boom Beach Story and Salat with his Diary of a Rifleman), I'm going to make one starting off in WW2 and how the Blackguard was formed. This is a story about a Red Army soldier who became a war hero for taing Berlin, but then left to join the United States to take back the Archipellago and get away from the USSR's madness. This is the beginning of all stories!

    My name is Andrei (which means "Brave") Konstantin (which means "Firmly Established"). I am 17 years old, I am 5'6 and I am fair skinned, brown haired and b…

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  • YT: General Masher

    Hey guys, I'm Gmasher. Youtube is a fan favorite social media that everyone likes to revisit, including me. There are some Youtubers who started playing Boom Beach a long time ago but then stopped playing or they still play this game even till now or they just got introduced to the game. Either way, these are my favorite youtubers!

    Anon Moose is one of the best AZ players I have ever seen! He knows how to properly attack just like how I do in my Smooka Guide for newbies blog. He is inconsistent when it comes to uploading content at a certain time, but not even that stops him from being one of my favourite youtubers. If you want to see my Smooka Guide visually, he is the dude to watch!

    I understand he may be specialized because he only does v…

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  • YT: General Masher

    Hey guys, I'm Gmasher. I've been having trouble finding task forces that have all 3 of these features:

    Level 30+ players

    active players

    english speaking task force

    50 player task force

    200+ vp requirement

    Nice players

    players that focus on offense

    Attack operations around this range: Pencilneck-Foxtrot

    I even have trouble finding a task force in the recruitment board because the task forces require players with 500-600+ vp which is insane because I'm only level 36 with 280 vp (approximately). I'm gonna go over why those specific details are important to me.

    This is real tricky because the task forces usually give me preferances I don't want. This happens to me all the time and it angers me how there is no filter to find any specific task force. I'm …

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  • YT: General Masher

    Hey guys, I'm Gmasher! By no means am I copy-pasting off any of King Dragonhoff's work, I'm just adding to his guide. Why you might ask, because there is more than just defending and attacking. There are troop setups, statue setups and prototype setups. Besides this is post September 2016 update, meaning that we have these fancy Cryoneers, Hot Pots and more. I will also be talking about task force leaderboard strategies as I have a ton of experience in task forces (so much that I was once ranked co-leader, but then I left because their tf is is inactive). That said, let's get started!

    When I mean individual strategies, I mean going up there by yourself. I'm gonna go over some stuff about before reaching a certain point, then go over some tr…

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  • YT: General Masher

    Note: I can't put up any images as my pc is having trouble doing so, please don't let that fact disturb you.

    Hey guys, I'm Gmasher! Every 2-3 months, Boom Beach undergoes an update which could change the game significantly or insignificantly. Usually so signifficantly that it changes how players play on the leaderboards (both individual and task force). This one could change the way operations are played, not really how pvp will change. That out of the way, let's het started!

    For those of you who don't know what an update it, an update is anything that is changed by the developer and affects whatever it is in a big way (or small way). So when we are talking about an update, we are talking about changes in that could affect the gameplay of Bo…

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  • YT: General Masher

    Hey guys, my name is Gmasher! Please don't get mad at me once you read this article as everyone loves to make up unique troop combinations but these ones I believe are overused and overrated but I'll also go over the underrated and underused. Keep in mind, these are my thoughts on what is overrated and underrated so please don't take this too seriously. That said, let's get started!

    Overrated means more attention for something than what it deserves. I'm gonna be looking at the ones that people think are good but in the long run are just bad. Okay, back in the game!

    I see a lot of players use this combination, usually the early game players use it. The reason why this troop composition is overrated is because you simply add more threats to ta…

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  • MagmaHound

    The Maxing Game

    November 2, 2016 by MagmaHound

    If you've been in the Boom Beach Wiki Task Force for a little while, you might know that I run two accounts; one of them is the main account, Guy Fawkes, which is naturally a HQ rusher account, and is currently, as of the time of writing, nearly maxed.

    The other is my mini account, Captain Magma. Unlike Guy, I decided to make this account a HQ maxer account, even though I have personally stood against maxing HQs in the past. But that blog was posted a few months before I created Captain Magma. Captain Magma was created in mid-July 2015.

    As of the time of writing, I have completed maxing out HQ17 on Captain Magma, on the night of November 2nd, 2016, shortly after the Mega Crab left.

    The second picture was taken on the 1st of August, 2016, a li…

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  • YT: General Masher

    Rifle-med Guide

    November 2, 2016 by YT: General Masher

    Hey guys, this is Gmasher! First of all, I never meant to copy TheCoolBoss' rooka guide as rifle-med is entirely different compared to rooka. Rifle-med is one of these "overwhelm the enemy with sheer quantity" troop compositions whereas rooka takes some skill to use. Anyways, let's get started!

    Riflemen are amazing! They come in hordes and can outperform cannons and boom cannons (why not doom cannons? I'll tell you why later) due to the single target feature those defenses are stuck with. I do understand that cannons and boom cannons can literally 1 shot kill riflemen anywhere, anytime but only one of the 200 riflemen die. This troop combination is specialized for countering those single target defenses.

    I know, people will complain that med…

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  • YT: General Masher

    Happy Halloween!

    October 31, 2016 by YT: General Masher

    This might not affect those of you who don't live in the United States, but it's still worth saying because most of us live here anyways. I just want to say happy halloween to those of you who are celebrating this American tradition for years even up to 2016. I'm just gonna tell you guys my thoughts reguarding this holiday.

    I think it's a great idea to have some sort of holiday reguarding the dead visiting Earth and scaring the daylights out of them. Mexico has something like this called Dia De Los Muertos which is celebrated during the day hence dia means day in spanish. I like the concept of "trick or treat". Although I give the kids treats everytime because I'm a nice guy, it's fun hearing these kids coming up to my house asking for cand…

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  • YT: General Masher


    Hey guys, my name is Gmasher! This is my strategy guide about smooka. Smooka is one of the most used attack strategies in operations (particularly the high level operations like Dead End and Massive Attack). This strategy also works really well against Gearheart as well as PvP bases with boosted building health statues. That said, I'm going to go over the basic things needed before attacking a boosted health base aimlessly.

    What troops are required? ZookaZookas are the core troops of this strategy. Without them, its not even a zooka composition. The zookas deal massive damage to their targets making them perfect for boosted health bases. I also recommend boosting any troop damage statues you might have so the zookas destroy thei…

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  • YT: General Masher

    Hey guys, my name is Gmasher! I'll be going over some things about me, knowledge and then goals for the wiki.

    My in game name isn't Gmasher to be honest, it's actually General Masher. I am a mid-game player with some skills and knowledge about the game. Thats why I made my account in this wiki, to share my knowledge about the game to others so they can benefit off my talent. I may be a mid-game player but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm bad at the game, I just need to level up more and try new stuff. If you low levels want to be really good at the game, fear not for I will help you. That said, let me go over my knowledge.

    You can't play the game real well without any knowledge, you need to know why so and so works and how. I'll give you an…

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  • Winnefredbumc

    FINALLY! It is October 27, 2016. Dr.t is finally dead, now he can't bother us any more."Sir, reports of a large shadow in the ocean, signs show a MEGA CRAB is resting there", Beatly said."Oh great, not one of Dr.t's shenigans again", I said."And signs also point out that there is a mega crab network." I know, a network of mega crabs, very destructive. I am Leroy Yaxle, member of the international task force 791198, I'm hq 23, Beatly just had to ruin everything. Then Johnny (warrior) comes up to me and says,"How do you like the location of the boom cannon?" I protest "Come on, why over the plumbing? Now my toilet doesn't work! You go move it! I'm not doing it like I do 24/7!" He protested heavily, he's actually getting fat. "Ok Johnny, woul…

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  • Winnefredbumc

    We can't find proof of turtle attacks because there are no witnesses in turtle attacks, only victims, so there are no survivors in turtle attacks, but, is it the turtles doing it? In fact, no one actually knows, so let's try to get our suspects for this mystery.

    HAMMERMAN: It is very obvious that he wouldn't of done that, because if he did, people can share it on their devices, because no one will know about the attacks, and they will never know it happened, so we ruled out Hammerman attacks almost immediately.

    COLONEL GEARHEART: She doesn't attack people, so she's off.

    DR.T: He only attacks two of the exact same islands, and they aren't being controlled by other players.

    BLACKGUARD: The attacks involve magic, so blackguard is innocent as well…

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  • Winnefredbumc

    Q: What if toilets in boom beach were outside?

    A: Players would be able to see their own villagers use the bathroom, so lets do the math; boom beach plus private parts equals a 17+ game.

    Q: Since dr.T has a huge mouth and fat stomach, would he be able to eat a small troop like a rifleman or a zooka?

    A: In fact, he was known to eat tanks!

    Q: what would be the results of maxed COC user vs maxed BB user?

    A: Look at the maxed base in clash of clans, the most health there is in a (lvl 10) completely maxed out base, and in boom beach, the health can get HIGH, a maxed shock launcher can get over 10,000 health without statue help, and photo types at mark III get to 25,000 health, and hqs can accumulate health over 60,000! The only thing is, AIR TROOPS!…

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  • Salatovnik

    The story of Unnamed Rifleman and His friends continues, in third part...


    Our resource base have grown up, even more people are in this hole. I want to see our Base again, Dave and Jack are working outside, building new Grappler, new technology we have recovered from Blackguard. Why am I not working? Because Im in hospital, when we were capturing this base, wave of bullets from Machine Gun shot me in leg, arm and one bullet cut my ear out, and im still able to write! Anyway, 3 mercenaries have joined us so now we have even more leaders...

    10.10.2016 ENTRY SIXTEEN

    I was planning a trip to Commander in the Base when we arrived, it was different from last time I was there. They were like our enemies now, w…

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  • Thedukeofwinsor

    Content to be added at a later time.

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  • Thedukeofwinsor

    Content to be added as information flows in.

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