Ok, when the most recent update hit on March 14, I was a few point short from XP 55 and upgrading non-stop to get to XP 59 as fast as possible. I had the majority of the troops, all LCs, gunboat, sculptor, etc... maxed out for HQ 20. And I had 8 attacking statues with the remaining two being RR and PSC. I almost never boosted to attack and it was a lot of fun solving the puzzles of how to take down different bases without boost. I still did not have tanks and warriors maxed out and so it was an additional challenge to take down maxed out reasonably iced players or last stage of Dr T. when people recommended to use tmeds or SW.

My VPs were around 840 and I was accumulating power powder at approximately 5-6 PP per day. And then the update hit. After some hesitation I ditched 73% PSC, which I only got a couple of weeks before, and put an extra TD guardian. The point is that I expect that for a few months I will be able to attack only once every 3-4 days. It goes as follows. I make a plan of attack (by carefully choosing the fat and easy players), then go full boost (because I do not want to take any chances against nearly maxed out bases with two prototypes and two ice), destroy about 15-17 bases (players and NPCs) plus Dt. T and then schedule expensive upgrade in the armory (for example, Grenadiers 12) along with the LC 21 or 22 or similar. Then there is almost nothing to do in the game until the upgrade in the armory is completed. Granted, LC 21/22 will be completed in less than half of that time. But why would I go full boost to upgrade just an extra LC in two days? And so I don’t.

The supply chests are useless as they mostly contain resources, which I do not need (for 3-4 days), and so I even stopped getting daily 5*. In a sense the game became too boring: come twice a day, collect the stuff, schedule an upgrade of something, beat Dr. T within 5-10 minutes and only do real attacks once in every 3-4 days.

What’s worse, is that once I am done with upgrading offense, then I do not expect that routine to change much for a good while. Top level defenses are now so expensive that it is nearly impossible to upgrade them without the plan of attack and decent boost.

I wonder if other players have similar experience with the current update.

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