So how much money is too much money to pour into a game like this? i mean 100$ for a shit ton of daimonds, you can literally go out and have splurged on all kinds of other stuff... im just curious as to how much money some may have dumped into this game and also dont feel as if its regretful? i myself am at 20$ total, and that was in two different 10$ increment purchases at two different levels and i just was very impatient. im only currently a lvl 28 with a lvl 12 base... i feel the itch to drop some more real world coin when i hit lvl 13 for all the goodies.... is this truly an addiction? 

Anyone else feel this way? anyone else make it rain on this game to get a scorching high level? C'mon and tell us who is really ballin' out there! haha!  

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