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"The Bombardiers can shoot with pin point accuracy from a large distance, dealing massive damage. They require extra energy to deploy as they are slightly older (but more experienced) than most troops."


  • Bombardiers are special troops that were formerly usable only on Warships. They were added for Season 3 onwards. After Warships season 4 ended, they were added to be usable in the main island, and is then unlocked at Headquarters level 21.
  • The Bombardier is the tenth and currently last troop to be unlocked.
  • They are similar to Zookas, having high damage output and very long range (as Grenadiers) but are extremely fragile for their large size.
  • Each Bombardier costs 2 Gunboat Energy to deploy, as the Tank.

Visual Appearances

  • The Bombardier appears as an old man with a white-haired moustache and beard.
  • He wears a green vest which has bomb shells on its back. Below the vest is his uniform.
  • The Bombardier wears a hard hat and goggles on his head.
  • The Bombardier wields a small cannon which has been modified to double as a walking stick.

Offensive Strategy

  • Bombardiers are similar to Zookas in the sense that they are very fragile; most defenses will be capable of defeating them in a few hits at most. Their longer range allows them to outrange Machine Guns and Cannons in addition to Flamethrowers, so none of these should be a threat unless they are poorly placed.
  • Sniper Towers, Mortars, Boom Cannons and Rocket Launchers are major threats to exposed Bombardiers, as are many Prototype Defenses.
  • You can protect Bombardiers with Tanks or Heavies to save them from long-ranged Defensive Buildings and Mines. As Bombardiers don't do splash damage, the Tanks or Heavies will not be at risk of being damaged by friendly fire.
    • Keep in mind that Bombardiers have similar weaknesses as Zookas have. For example, using a Flare when using Bombardiers with Heavies on a Rocket Launcher will move the Heavies in the blind spot which the Bombardiers won't enter, thus allowing the Rocket Launcher to fire on the Bombardiers.

Defensive Strategy

  • Avoid placing exposed Flamethrowers, Machine Guns or Cannons on the front lines without any protection, as Bombardiers are able to outrange all three. Depending on the warship layout, placing them at the edge just before a landing zone may still work if placed properly.
  • Several Prototype Defenses can work well against the Bombardier:
    • The Shock Blaster, Lazor Beam, Doom Cannon and Grappler can all easily reach Bombardiers. In the first three cases, Bombardiers can be finished off quickly by the prototype, while the Grappler can nullify the Bombardiers' range advantage by pulling them close. However, in cases where the Bombardiers are backed by meat shields, the Lazor Beam will typically be the only prototype that can consistently hit them.
    • The Hot Pot and Boom Surprise are largely immune to the Bombardier's range advantage due to their nature of hiding until enemies are close, and thus can also make good choices. However, in cases where the Bombardiers are backed by meat shields, both prototypes can be distracted easily.
    • S.I.M.O.s are an excellent prototype choice to defend against Bombardiers, as they will target Bombardiers in the absence of Critters or other low-health distractions.
    • Note that the Bombardier can outrange both the Microwav'r and Flotsam Cannon, though in the latter case the death damage can be useful to finish off Bombardiers if the attacker is not paying attention.

Upgrade Differences

  • There are no visual changes between levels, but each upgrade increases the Bombardier's hitpoints (by 43%), DPS (by variable percentages) and training cost.


  • Bombardiers have the highest range of any non-prototype troop.
  • The Bombardier is currently the only non-mechanical troop that requires Gunboat energy to deploy.


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
8 7m 30s Moderate / 200
Very Long / 12 Tiles 2.2s
Damage per second
Damage per Shot
1 120 494 1,086.8
2 171 618 1,359.6
3 245 882 1,940.4
4 350 1,260 2,772
5 500 1,800 3,960
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