• Classified Items improve progression on building and Armory upgrades.
  • They are only obtainable from Submarine dives, from the "???" slots of the treasures.
  • You can only store up to 1 Classified Item of each type at a time. Discovering a Classified Item of the same type from a finished Submarine dive will make it impossible to collect the treasure until the currently stored one is used.
    • If you are maxed out and cannot use a discovered Attack Plan or Building Blueprint, you will be able to destroy them to dive again with the Submarine.
    • Safes cannot be destroyed.
  • There are currently 6 different Classified Items.

Classified Items

Attack Plan

An Attack Plan

Building Blueprint

A Building Blueprint

  • The Building Blueprint item immediately finishes any building upgrade.
  • When a building upgrade is ongoing and a Building Blueprint is available, a new button will appear on the building with the Building Blueprint icon which indicates being able to use the item on that upgrade.


There is one type of safe for each resource: Gold, Wood, Stone, and Iron. Each safe immediately fills up all storages of its respective type.

A Gold Safe A Wood Safe A Stone Safe An Iron Safe
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