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"1...2...wait what? These Riflemen multiply after being destroyed up to two times. Each clone is slightly weaker and deals less damage than the Rifleman before him."


  • The Clone Rifleman is a Prototype Troop with identical behavior to the standard Rifleman.
  • When destroyed, the Clone Rifleman splits into two clones, which produce two more when those clones are destroyed. Clones have weaker stats than their predecessors.
  • Clone Rifleman behaves identically to a Rifleman. However, spawned clones are not affected by Flares or any form of healing.
  • The Clone Rifleman is unlocked for players who have an Armory level of 13 or above and starts 1 level below the Armory level. It can be upgraded using Proto Tokens gained from events.

Visual Appearance

  • The Clone Riflemen appears as a normal Rifleman; a fair-skinned man with a blue uniform, simple boots, and a grayish-green helmet with a blue cloth band around it with a red ace of diamonds tucked into it.
  • Their clones are identical, but with a purple tint, resembling troops spawned via Second Wind/Remote Defib.

Offensive Strategy

  • Clone Riflemen are effective when deployed in large numbers, as they can be used effectively in the same way as Rifleman. Despite boasting weak stats on clones, each Clone Rifleman essentially equates to having 4 units for just one housing space, making them deadly versus single-target defenses like Boom Cannons.
  • Another great strategy is Clone Rifle-Medic. Clone Riflemen have moderate health, so Medics will be able to heal up most of the damage that the Clone Riflemen take from splash damage defenses. Medics' healing does have a splash effect, so they can heal Clone Riflemen faster than any other unit (though high-level defenses can eventually overpower the healing).
  • A third popular strategy with Clone riflemen is the Clone Rifle-Zooka strategy. This strategy is very weak to splash defenses due to the high amount of troops and relatively low health per troop, but this is a devastating tactic when combined with high-level Medkits and/or Medics or when used against a base with low level or at least very few splash defenses. Using Smoke Screens can also help to flank the Clone Riflemen and Zookas around defenses and to the Headquarters.
  • Clone Riflemen are weak against Machine Guns, Mortars, Flamethrowers, Rocket Launchers and Shock Launchers as these defenses are multi-target, meaning that they excel at damaging groups of enemies.
  • You can allow Clone Riflemen to spread out as much as possible to minimize the effect of these defenses. However, spreading out too much will expose them to fire from too many defenses!
  • Due to their large numbers and short range, Clone Riflemen can be used to protect Tanks from Cannons and Boom Cannons.
  • Use a Barrage on large groups of Mines to prevent them from killing your Clone Riflemen quickly. If you have Critters, it can be a good alternative if Barrage gets too expensive.

Defensive Strategy

  • A group of Clone Riflemen's worst enemy is the Rocket Launcher, so place it well behind other defenses.
  • The Mortar is effective in taking out large numbers of Riflemen, but it fires very slowly. Having a Machine Gun in front of a Mortar will cause the Clone Riflemen to target the Machine Gun, giving the Mortar more time to fire at the Clone Riflemen.
  • Place the Mortar behind various buildings so that it is difficult for the Clone Riflemen to reach the Mortar without having any casualties, the same goes for any other slow-firing defense.
  • Clone Riflemen are vulnerable to fast firing defenses such as Sniper Towers, Machine Guns, and Flamethrowers, so place them strategically.
  • Cannons and Boom Cannons can easily one-shot kill Clone Riflemen but can be swarmed by large groups of Clone Riflemen so be sure protect them with Sniper Towers, Machine Guns, Flamethrowers, Rocket Launchers or Shock Launchers.
  • Place your Mines well. Groups of them can kill Clone Riflemen quickly if the attacker ignores them.
  • Some very good Prototype Defenses against Clone Riflemen include Shock Blasters, Hot Pots, Microwav'rs and Flotsam Cannons. All of these are capable of defeating hordes of Clone Riflemen quickly, but they can also prove to be prime targets for Shock Bombs.


  • You can have a maximum of 240 Clone Riflemen in a complete set of fully upgraded Landing Crafts.
  • You can effectively have a total of 960 Clone Riflemen on the battlefield. The initial 240 die to spawn 480 clones and those clones die to spawn another 960.


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
Headquarters Level Required
1 1m

Moderate / 220

Medium / 4.7 Tiles 1s 14
Hitpoints (Secondary)
DPS (Secondary)
Hitpoints (Tertiary)
DPS (Tertiary)
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost in Proto Tokens
12 295 71 221 53 166 40 600 N/A
13 315 77 236 58 177 43 700 250
14 337 84 253 63 190 47 800 350
15 361 90 271 68 203 51 900 450
16 386 98 290 74 217 55 1,000 550
17 413 106 310 80 232 60 1,100 650
18 442 115 332 86 249 65 1,200 750
19 473 124 355 93 266 70 1,300 850
20 506 134 380 101 284 75 1,400 950
21 542 145 407 109 305 82 1,500 1,050
22 580 157 435 118 326 88 1,600 1,150
23 620 170 465 128 350 96 1,700 1,250
24 662 184 497 138 372 103 1,800 1,350
25 706 199 530 149 397 112 1,900 1,450
26 752 215 564 161 423 121 2,000 1,550


Reserves Size
Troop Capacity
Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
Tech Point
1 14 224 N/A 5
2 16 272 58,000 10
3 18 320 84,500 15
4 20 368 112,500 20
5 22 416 165,000 25
Total 420,000 75