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Colonel Gearheart
"Welcome to Gearheart Arms, Inc. You'll get crushed by the wheels of industry!"


  • Colonel Gearheart is the character that appears with the War Factory event.
  • This event starts at 8 am GMT every Thursday and lasts for 24 hours.
  • You must defeat her level 45 War Factory to unlock the event. To discover the level 45 War Factory's region of the Archipelago, you need to have discovered 93 regions already.
  • The event consists of one large base which you destroy as much as you can of to earn rewards.


  • Colonel Gearheart is a woman wearing a long, red coat, brown gloves, and brown boots as well as a belt and red hat which bear her symbol on the front.

The First War Factory

Main article: Lt. Hammerman#Lt. Hammerman's Base Stats

Event: The War Factory

  • You must defeat her level 45 War Factory base, the campaign's seventh boss base, to unlock the event, requiring the level 15 Radar, which is unlocked at Headquarters level 15.
  • Every Thursday, the War Factory will spawn on the former location of her level 45 War Factory.
  • The War Factory is a large base that contains many defenses including Prototype Defenses and Ice Statues.
  • Like the Dr. T events, the War Factory layout changes every event, but is the same for everyone.
  • Every building that you destroy counts towards the Reward Thresholds.
    • The thresholds and the reward for each one can be viewed in the top left area of the screen while viewing the factory.
    • Resource Reward Statues will improve the Wood, Stone, and Iron rewards normally.
    • Prototype Modules can still be obtained without a Weapon Lab from this event. However, they are not available from any other sources without it.
  • You have 5 attacks to do as much damage as possible to the factory. If the base survives an attack, damage done to it persists to the next.
  • Destroying the Headquarters will destroy all remaining buildings and yield all possible rewards.


Gearheart Location
  • Colonel Gearheart's War Factory will spawn on the former location of her level 45 War Factory.
  • It is an icy base in the northeastern area of the Archipelago.
  • The region that the base is within costs 600,000 Gold to reveal.
View the full-size map here


  • "Until now you've been fighting the Blackguard goons. War is my business, and business is good!" - After the player first discovers her level 45 War Factory
  • "Gearheart Industries will consolidate right here. My next base will be five times as tough! You can chip away at my War Factories, but I doubt you can even leave a mark!" - After defeating her level 45 War Factory
  • "Welcome to Gearheart Arms, Inc. You'll get crushed by the wheels of industry!" - After your first attack on her level 90 War Factory
  • "You fought well, but it's a doomed effort. The Blackguard will win this war of attrition!" - After destroying her level 90 War Factory


  • Colonel Gearheart technically outranks Lieutenant Hammerman, the main antagonist of the game,
  • The War Factory is the only base besides Power Bases in which you can receive partial rewards without destroying the main building.
  • According to statements made by Lt. Hammerman, the MMG 9000 and the Super Mortar 3000 are manufactured by Gearheart Arms, Inc.
  • The achievement Gear Up gives a total of 175 diamonds upon gaining a total of 2,100 points from the War Factory event. This translates to a minimum of 14 full events, assuming the War Factory is completely destroyed in each.
  • Colonel Gearheart is often speculated to be the Trader and also Everspark's mother. Apart from visual similarities, the Gearheart logo appears on the Trader's Crates, Submarine, Buoy and belt, with Everspark also having one such accessory. Everspark's description matches with Gearheart's field of specialization as well, and she is unlocked after destroying Gearheart's War Factory.


Possible Rewards
Threshold Buildings Destroyed
Wood Reward
Stone Reward
Iron Reward
Prototype Module Reward
Critical FuseComplex GearPower RodField Capacitor
Proto Token Reward
1 2 50,000 40,000 30,000 1 40
2 5 110,000 90,000 60,000 1 55
3 10 190,000 150,000 100,000 1 75
4 20 290,000 230,000 160,000 1 100
5 40 410,000 340,000 250,000 2 130
6 65 560,000 480,000 380,000 2 165
7 150 800,000 670,000 570,000 3 205

At each threshold, you will receive one of the possible reward types. The reward type varies between events and can be different for different players in the same event.