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Critter Cannon
"The critters' popularity and success on the battlefield inspired the creation of this prototype. Swamp enemies with these cute and deadly machines!"


  • The Critter Cannon is a Prototype Troop that fires a salvo of Critters, one at a time, at buildings from a long range.
  • The Critter Cannon has a large random radius, meaning it shoots Critters in a large scatter around the target building.
  • The Critter Cannon is unlocked for players who have an Armory level of 13 or above and starts 1 level below the Armory level. It can be upgraded using Proto Tokens gained from events.
  • A Critter Cannon costs 6 Gunboat Energy to deploy.

Visual Appearance

  • The Critter Cannon has the same hull & turret as a Tank, except the main gun has been replaced with a chute designed to launch critters from it. There is hazard tape at the end of the chute.

Offensive Strategy

  • Unlike the Rain Maker, the Critter Cannon can only barely outrange Boom Cannons. However, it can distract the Boom Cannon with its Critters if it targets a nearby building.
  • Aside from the Boom Cannon, the only regular defenses able to hit it are the Rocket Launcher and Shock Launcher. In this case, Medics or Dr. Kavan can be helpful to heal off the damage, especially considering that both of these defenses have a blind spot which prevents them from being distracted by the Critters spawned if they are targeted.
  • As Critters do not benefit from Magma Statues, Critter Cannons generally have subpar DPS and cannot hope to take on many bases by themselves due to their long delay between bursts.
    • Shock Launchers and certain prototype defenses should be priority targets for Artillery or Barrage to prevent them from defeating or delaying Critter Cannons.
    • Pairing DPS units with the Critter Cannon is a valid option, as it can provide distractions at range and thereby extend their lifespan.
  • It is best to let the Critter Cannons target buildings that are not in range of Flamethrowers or Machine Guns as an excessive build-up of Critters can be hard to stop.
  • Smoking the Critters when they are at Flamethrowers can make them overwhelmed, as they get surrounded. However, doing so will mean that they don't distract the defenses and may cause the Critter Cannons to be targeted.
  • Shocking defenses can be helpful as it allows a build-up of Critters, but be wary that you do not shock your Critters.
  • The Critters can get chip damage on every defense, which is slow but sure progress. They can prevent deadly defenses from hitting your troops or support an attacking troop with extra damage.

Defensive Strategy

  • Prototype Defenses are helpful, especially the Shock Blaster, Doom Cannon and Grappler. They can stall their attacks, outright obliterate them and drag them into the line of fire.
  • Take care to place Boom Mines away from buildings so Critters can't walk over it and activate it.
  • Shock Launchers can delay the already low rate of fire of Critter Cannons and cause time to run out.
  • Placing buildings as lures can cause Critter Cannons to fire and turn in 1 direction and allow Boom Cannons to start to target them.
  • Placing high level Flamethrowers and Machine Guns can be helpful in destroying lots of Critters quickly, which will easily stall the Critter Cannons' progress. However, these defenses in such a position can be taken advantage of by attackers using Grenadiers or Tanks.
  • Mines can take out Critters en masse.


  • You can have a maximum of 16 Critter Cannons in a complete set of fully upgraded Landing Crafts.


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
Random Radius
14 24m

Slow / 210

Very Long / 14.5 Tiles 0.34s between each Critter, 7.6s between each salvo 1.4 Tiles
Critters per Salvo
Troop Capacity
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost in Proto Tokens
12 1,200 4 35,000 N/A
13 1,300 4 40,000 250
14 1,400 5 45,000 350
15 1,500 5 50,000 450
16 1,600 5 55,000 550
17 1,700 5 60,000 650
18 1,800 6 65,000 750
19 1,900 6 70,000 850
20 2,000 7 75,000 950
21 2,100 7 80,000 1,050
22 2,200 8 85,000 1,150
23 2,300 8 90,000 1,250
24 2,400 9 95,000 1,350
25 2,500 9 100,000 1,450
26 2,600 10 105,000 1,550


Reserves Size
Troop Capacity
Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
Tech Point
1 12 28 N/A 5
2 14 34 86,500 10
3 16 40 115,500 15
4 18 46 169,000 20
5 22 52 240,000 25
Total 611,000 75