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"Launch these robot troops to distract and destroy enemy buildings!"


Offensive Strategy

  • Critters, if deployed while troops are also deployed, serve as a distraction to the defensive buildings, taking their fire to save your troops.
  • Critters can be used as an alternative to the Shock Bomb. Deploy them on a vital defense that is targeting your troops to distract it. Be sure that not too many defenses are guarding said area.
  • Flamethrowers and other fast-firing defenses will destroy the Critters fairly easily and quickly, so Critters are best used to distract single-target defenses like Boom Cannons or those that deal comparatively low damage like the Lazor Beam, as they will often take several valuable seconds to wipe out the critters which can make all the difference in an attack.
  • Critters can also be used to clear Mines and/or Boom Mines as an alternative to using Barrage or Artillery.
    • They can also be used as a substitute against a building that has low health and if the energy cost of the next Critter shot is cheaper than either Artillery or Barrage.
    • However, when using Smokey Warriors or Smokey Zookas, it is recommended to save the Critters to distract the defenses rather than use them to clear Mines, and use Artillery and Barrage in their place.
  • Be careful when attempting to distract defenses with blindspots like Grapplers, Machine Guns, MortarsRocket Launchers and Shock Launchers. Try to place them on a building that's outside the blindspot to ensure they serve their purpose. Conversely, defenses with blindspots may also be safe to deploy critters in if they help to distract other threatening defenses, providing a better distraction without too much interference.
  • Do not worry about your Critters after you deploy them. You should constitute the majority of your offense with your army, as Critters are hardly useful outside of being expendable distractions. Since they are deployed as gunboat weaponry, there is no need to train them either.
  • Critters can trigger Hot Pots and Boom Surprises, leaving them vulnerable to stun from a Shock Bomb and fire from Artillery & Barrages.

Defensive Strategy

  • Do not leave your Economy and Support Buildings unprotected. Critters can be used to gain lots of free energy while remaining away from defenses.
  • Place Machine Guns and Flamethrowers near defenses that are likely to be targeted by Critters. Machine Guns (unless Critters enter inside their blindspot) and Flamethrowers will kill the Critters quickly, reducing their effectiveness.

Upgrade Differences

  • There are no visual differences between levels. Critters always appear as small blue robots with two gun barrels that have the appearance of eyes at the front, and four legs. They also have a searchlight on the front of their hull.
  • Each upgrade increases the number of Critters deployed per shot by one.


  • Critters wander round your home base in the same way as the wildlife and villagers once they are unlocked.
    • During an upgrade of a non-aquatic building, they appear to walk around the building. However, Critters do not appear on the base during battle, save for those spawned by the Critter Launcher.
  • Critters do not count towards casualties if they die, and will stand their ground to continue distracting enemy defenses when retreating.
  • Even with their searchlight, they cannot fire through Smoke Screens.


Critter Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Critter HP
Critter DPS
Critter Attack Range
Critter Attack Speed
400 400 135 90 0.5s
Critters Deployed
Troop Capacity
Research Cost
Combat Academy
Research Time
XP Gain
1 6 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 7 5,300,000 19 2d 2h 1,751 70
3 8 6,600,000 19 2d 8h 2,018 74
4 9 7,000,000 19 2d 12h 2,113 77
5 10 7,400,000 20 2d 18h 2,220 81
6 11 7,800,000 20 3d 2,324 84
7 12 8,000,000 20 3d 6h 2,396 88
8 13 8,400,000 23 3d 12h 2,495 92
9 14 8,800,000 24 3d 18h 2,596 96
10 15 9,200,000 25 4d 2,697 96
11 16 9,600,000 26 4d 6h 2,779 100
Number of Shots Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 8 8
2 13 21
3 18 39
4 23 62
5 28 90
6 33 123
7 38 161
8 43 204


Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
Tech Point
1 1 N/A 5
2 2 130,500 10
3 4 158,000 15
4 5 173,500 20
5 7 210,000 25
Total 672,000 75