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"The Cryo Bomb detonates to cause enemy buildings to freeze across a large area, slowing them down and dealing moderate damage."


  • Cryobomb is a Temporary Gunboat Ability that is occasionally available for players who have an Armory level of 8 or above, and automatically scales to its level.
  • Cryobomb creates a massive, lightly damaging explosion on impact that sets off mines and applies a freeze effect, reducing the fire rate and movement speed of any affected troops and buildings caught within by 75%.
  • Each use costs 8 more Gunboat Energy than the previous, with a starting cost of 6 Gunboat Energy.

Offensive Strategy

  • Cryobomb is an exceptional utility tool. It can be used to cripple defenses like the Boom Cannon, Doom Cannon or Grappler, and can also trigger many mines at once.
    • For clearing Mines, it is cheaper than Barrage for the first or second shots, but the energy increment soon gets excessive. If there are structures to damage as well, the Barrage may be the preferred choice.
    • Due to its massive area of effect, a well-placed Cryobomb can actually hit all structures protected by a Sky Shield.
  • For maximum value, Cryobombs should be deployed before advancing troops. If launched early, the freeze effect might unexpectedly wear off in the middle of an attack, and a late deployment runs the risk of friendly fire.

Defensive Strategy

  • Spacing out buildings and mines helps to minimize Cryobomb's impact, but don't overdo it, as each is guaranteed to hit large portions of a base.

Upgrade Differences

  • There are no differences between upgrades.


  • The Cryobomb is derived from the eponymous structure featured in the Mega Crab and Mega Turtle events.


Explosion Radius
Splash Radius
Freeze Slowdown
Movement Speed
260 8 tiles 75% 10.0s
Number of Shots
Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 6 6
2 14 20
3 22 42
4 30 72
5 38 110


Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
Tech Point
1 8 N/A 5
2 10 135,000 10
3 12 255,000 15
4 14 632,000 20
5 16 1,045,000 25
Total 2,067,000 75