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  • Defending is when you attempt to stop invading enemy Troops using your Defensive Buildings.
  • Defenses happen when your base is attacked by another player.
  • To successfully defend your base, you must prevent the attacker from destroying your home base's Headquarters or your Resource Base's Outpost.
    • This can be accomplished in three ways: Destroying all the enemy's Troops, leaving few enough that the attacker fails to destroy the Headquarters or Outpost before the time runs out, or forcing the attacker to retreat.
  • A home base defense can earn you Intel and Diamonds.
  • If the attacker is successful in destroying your home base, you will lose a Victory Point and whatever Resources that were not protected by your Vault.
  • If the attacker is successful in destroying your Resource Base, you will lose a Victory Point and any uncollected Resources that were on that Resource Base.

When a Defense can Happen


Countdown that appears after a total of 3h 30m online in a day (Countdown starts at 30m)

  • Defenses can only happen when you are offline.
    • The exception to this rule is when you have played for more than a total of 4 hours in one day. After that, you will still be able to play normally, but you could be kicked offline and attacked at any time unless you are attacking a base. After the defense is over, you can return to the game.
    • 30 minutes before you reach the 4 hour limit, a red countdown timer will appear beside your diamond counter, notifying you of this. Once reached, another red countdown timer follows, representing the interruption period where you can be attacked when online. This timer will be active for the rest of the day and will end simultaneously with that day's event.
  • There is no "cooldown" or "shield" that protects your base after a defense, so as long as there are players with your base on their map, you can be attacked again.

Being Attacked


Message shown when attempting to log in during an attack against your home base

  • You cannot see the outcome of a defense until the attack is over. Until that time, a message will appear and the player will be unable to interact with the game.
  • If your base survives the assault, nothing is lost.
  • If your base's defenses fail to prevent your base's Headquarters from being destroyed, you will lose one Victory Point and any Resources that were not protected by your Vault.
  • When logging in after a defense, buildings on your base that were damaged will be shown recovering health. This, however, is cosmetic, as your base does not require health regeneration - An attack against your base will never result in any permanent damage, as buildings and mines are fully restored between battles.

Defense Rewards

  • Diamonds and Intel earned on a home base defense (regardless of whether the defense wins or not) are related to how many housing space worth of troops are destroyed. Any rewards earned from an attack on your base can be claimed from the attack's entry in your Activity Log.
    • Anything that do not count toward casualties will not give diamonds when destroyed. This includes Critters, troops resurrected by Second Wind/Remote Defib, as well as units spawned by temporary gunboat abilities.
  • Note that you are unable to gain more than 4 Intel from the same attacker. Successive attacks by the same attacker will continue to award Diamonds if enough troops are destroyed, but Intel is capped at 4 per attacker.
  • No rewards are earned for troops destroyed in an attack against one of your Resource Bases.
  • There's an achievement which is called Strategist that gives a total of 60 gems upon successfully defending your home base against a total of 800 attacks.
Units (housing space)
Troop Capacity
Chance of
First Intel
Icon intel
Chance of
Second Intel
Icon intel
0-9 0 0% 0%
10-24 1 100% 0%
25-44 2 100% 5%
45-69 3 100% 10%
70-99 4 100% 25%
100-134 5 100% 50%
135-174 6 100% 70%
175-224 7 100% 100%