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"Shoots a Doom Ray that destroys most targets outright. Very slow rate of fire."

Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3


Offensive Strategy

  • Like the Boom Cannon, the Doom Cannon fires very slowly and thus is very vulnerable to massed infantry attacks. This means Riflemen and/or Zookas or a Warrior attack will be your best chance to deal with this defense. In comparison to the Boom Cannon, Doom Cannon possesses a marginally higher firing rate and sizeable impact radius, thereby rendering it an effective means to substantially impair tight clusters of enemy troops.
  • The splash radius means that surrounding the Doom Cannon is likely your best means to keep the Doom Cannon from firing at your troops. Critters placed on top of the Doom Cannon work best for this purpose, but note that they will still be vulnerable to other defenses, and would most likely bait only one hit.
  • You can use Dr. Kavan's Ice Shields to protect your troops from this defense, since the shot will simply hit the shield, with most of the damage being negated. Be careful as other defenses can still destroy the shields before the Doom Cannon fires.
  • Pvt. Bullit's ability to limit damage allows him to effectively tank multiple Doom Cannon blasts. Take full advantage of this by using his Taunt ability (which further limits the damage he takes) to draw the Doom Cannon's fire.

Defensive Strategy

  • Try to place Doom Cannons away from Boom Cannons to stop attackers from disabling multiple high damage-per-shot defenses with one Shock Bomb.
  • Place Doom Cannons behind splash defenses. This allows them to shoot many times, while at the same time being protected from massed infantry. This works well due to their high range as they will still be able to support other defenses from deep within your base.
  • It is likely that attackers will surround the Doom Cannon with Critters to mitigate its splash radius. To combat this, place the Doom Cannon under the protection of area damage defenses such as Flamethrowers and Mortars to wipe out distractions quickly and allow it to focus on destroying enemy troops. There isn't much that can be done against Shock Bombs, however, so its contribution to your defense is dependent on if the attacker perceives it as a priority threat or not.
  • Similar to the Boom Cannon, the Doom Cannon is very effective in destroying high-health troops like Tanks and Scorchers, but despite their splash radius and range, can still become vulnerable to enemy swarms if given the chance.

Version Differences

  • At Mark I, the Doom Cannon appears as a small glowing turret on a red-and-black pillar in a pit lined with black railing. A red box and some wires are connected to it.
  • At Mark II, the Doom Cannon has a more refined pit wall and red and black covering around the railing.
  • At Mark III, the Doom Cannon has more improved covering around the rail, and the lower portion of the stand turns red. A wire is added at the base. The red box is replaced with two gray conduits. A cable also appears at the front.


  • The Doom Cannon has the highest damage per second and damage per shot of all the defenses in the game.
  • A Doom Cannon on a player's base could theoretically deal a maximum of 142,380 damage per shot, barring any Tribe boosts. It would require the best Defensive Building Damage Masterpiece, 11 of the best Guardians boosted with Power Powder, and four Mark III Damage Amplifiers.


Building Size
Attack Speed
Damage Type
Damage Type
Splash Radius
Splash Radius
3x3 18 Tiles 3.5s Splash 0.75 Tiles
Mark Number
Damage Per Second
Damage Per Shot
Build Cost Build Time
Weapon Lab
level Required
Critical Fuse
Complex Gear
Power Rod
Field Capacitor
1 15,000 1,500 5,250 0 3 0 3 1h 1
2 20,000 2,500 8,750 3 6 0 3 4h 3
3 25,000 4,500 15,750 0 3 9 6 12h 5