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"I'm Dr.T, the pre-eminent evil genius of our time! Obviously, I'm also a lot smarter than you."

General Information

  • Dr. T is the mad scientist in charge of the Blackguard's Artifact Weaponization Project. Most of the time he is occupied conducting evil experiments, but now and then he invades the Archipelago to enslave innocent islanders.
  • Dr. T events occur four times every seven days, twice at a Tropical base and twice at a Volcano base.
  • The event is enabled once you defeat his first base, which is level 10. Thereafter, the tropical Dr. T challenge will appear on the island of the defeated base every Tuesday and Saturday. Dr. T's volcano challenge will be unlocked upon the defeat of his volcano base, which is level 20. Dr. T's volcano challenge will appear every Wednesday and Sunday.
  • Dr. T's bases are comprised of an assortment of NPC buildings, Mines, Boom Mines, Shock Mines, Statues, and defenses at various levels. They do not contain any Prototype Defenses and Bunkers.
    • Starting from Stage 3, two ice Statues with unlimited increments can appear, one for building health and the other for building damage.
  • The base layouts in the event change every event but are the same for everyone.
  • Defeating a Dr. T base gives you Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron, Dark Power Stones, and (if a Prototype Troop is available) Proto Tokens as rewards.
  • Dr. T's bases can provide Dark Power Stones. It is the only way to get this type of Power Stone aside from the daily Victory Point reward boat and Submarine dives. You are guaranteed at least one Dark Power Stone from each Dr. T stage you defeat.
  • If you successfully beat a stage of the Dr. T event, an upgraded Dr. T base will appear immediately after. The new stage provides an increased level of difficulty by having a larger total number of Defensive Buildings, higher levels of defensive buildings, and/or stronger Ice Statues.
    • Unlike the defeat of a Resource Base, a new stage is not necessarily a direct upgrade of the previous stage. For example, it's possible that in the same event, stage 2 has three Boom Cannons but stage 3 has only one.
  • The Dr. T island known as Tropical Base appears every Tuesday and Saturday and starts at level 9 and progressively increases in difficulty, making it an easier event for lower level players. This event is known colloquially as Tropical Dr. T.
  • The Dr. T island known as Volcano Base appears every Wednesday and Sunday and starts at level 21 and progressively increases in difficulty from there. This event has many more buildings which makes it better for obtaining lots of Dark Power Stones. This event is known colloquially as Volcano Dr. T.



Dr. T during Halloween

  • Dr. T spawns 4 times in every 7 day event cycle, and Volcano Dr. T always follows Tropical Dr. T. See the event cycle here.
  • Dr. T will appear at 8 a.m. GMT and will disappear 24 hours after he appears, if you do not defeat him before then.
  • Once Stage 7 is beaten or the 24 hours are over, the Dr. T event is complete until the next event.
    • Dr. T bases reset after every event, and progress is not carried over in between attacks or events. His previous base needs to be completely destroyed in one attack for the next to appear, but players have unlimited attempts within the time limit.
  • Dr. T's monthly Mega Crab event is available for all players at HQ7 or above.


  • "I'm Dr.T, the pre-eminent evil genius of our time! Obviously, I'm also a lot smarter than you." - When the player first discovers the level 10 Island of Dr. T.
  • "You may think you have won, but I have a surprise waiting for you. Oh yes I do! I'm really quite crazy! Crazy for turrets, and turtles. But smart! Smarter than you!" - After defeating the level 10 Island of Dr. T.
  • "Welcome to my Volcano Island, where everything is organic! Muhahahaha! Organic!" - When the player first uncovers the level 20 Dr. T Volcano Island.
  • "Beat me? You're more likely to chop down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring! Just you wait! You have no idea how crazy it's going to get here in the Jungle of Dr.T!" - When the player defeats the level 20 Dr. T Volcano Island.
  • "Welcome to my experiment on self-replicating smart weapons!" - After the player destroys the first base of the Tropical Dr. T event.
  • "This volcano may be dormant, but my Turrets spit fire at your puny troops!" - After the player destroys the first base of the Volcano Dr. T event.
  • "You beat me this time, but I'll be back! The forecast for this week is... fire and steel!" - After the player defeats the final stage of the Tropical Dr. T event.
  • "The forecast for this week is... hot lead!" - After the player defeats the final stage of the Volcano Dr. T event.
  • "Greetings! The greatest villain of them all returns again... with a remastered version of my most horrifying creation yet. No need to get... crabby; There are no trophies in sight for you; My MEGA CRAB will make sure of that!" - When the Mega Crab event starts.
  • When a stage of the Mega Crab event is defeated, one of the following quotes appears:
    • "Don't get too excited. This outcome was expected."
    • "You just got lucky. Enjoy it while you can."
    • "I think I need to turn some knobs to increase the amount of evil."
    • "My minions need some mutagen. I think they're a little under the weather."
    • "Enough with the distractions. I see what you're trying to do. It's not going to work."
    • "You're just doing this for the trophies, aren't you?"
    • "Stop blowing everything up! My cleaning costs are through the roof!"
    • "What would it take to make you go away forever?"
    • "Why don't you go attack Lt. Grumpy instead?"
    • "You are slowly making me angry. Is that what you want?"
    • "I need those mutagen vats for my experiments! Stop destroying everything!"
    • "Would you stop if I told you the vats are full of sandwiches?"
    • "How can my horoscope be so wrong? I'm supposed to experience glorious victory!"
    • "I thought I really got it right this time. Drats!"


  • You do not gain any Victory Points for successfully defeating a Dr. T base.
    • Although Dr. T's invasion takes away one of your Freed Villages and affects your chances of getting new Invasions, he does not take a Victory Point when he arrives, nor will he give one back when he leaves or is defeated.
  • The rewards are based on the value of Wood. Stone is 2/3 of Wood; Iron is 1/3 of Wood; and Gold is 1.5 times of Wood plus the Attack Cost of your Experience level.
    • The Wood reward of the n-th Dr. T base is , while the Wood reward of the n-th Volcano base is . See the chart below.
  • Defeating a Dr. T Base will always guarantee a Power Stone.
    • Defeating Stages 6 and 7 of either of Dr. T's bases will always reward at least 1 Dark Crystal each. 
  • Although Dr. T's volcano bases lie on a volcano island, they never yield Magma Power Stones.
  • Defeating subsequent Boss Bases (e.g. level 25, level 30, etc.) does not currently gain any additional Dr. T challenges.
  • An epic win sound different from the normal win sound will play upon beating Stages 6 and 7 of his bases.
  • There's an achievement which is called Bagging Dr. T that gives a total of 310 diamonds upon destroying Dr. T bases 1000 times.


Tropical Base
Stage XP Level Gold Reward^
Wood Reward
Stone Reward
Iron Reward
Guaranteed Power Stones^^ Proto Token Reward
1 9 22,500 15,000 10,000 5,000 Icon artifact common purple 15
2 15 48,000 32,000 21,333 10,666 Icon artifact common purple 20
3 31 79,500 53,000 35,333 17,666 Icon artifact rare purple 25
4 46 117,000 78,000 52,000 26,000 Icon artifact common purple 30
5 56 160,500 107,000 71,333 35,666 Icon artifact common purple 35
6 60 210,000 140,000 93,333 46,666 Icon artifact epic purple 40
7 60 265,500 177,000 118,000 59,000 Icon artifact epic purple 45
Total loot 903,000 602,000 401,332 200,664 Icon artifact common purple4 Icon artifact rare purple1 Icon artifact epic purple2 210
Volcano Base
Stage XP Level Gold Reward^
Wood Reward
Stone Reward
Iron Reward
Guaranteed Power Stones^^ Proto Token Reward
1 21 39,600 26,400 17,600 8,800 Icon artifact common purple 25
2 26 68,400 45,600 30,400 15,200 Icon artifact rare purple 35
3 39 104,400 69,600 46,400 23,200 Icon artifact common purple 45
4 50 147,600 98,400 65,600 32,800 Icon artifact rare purple 55
5 60 198,000 132,000 88,000 44,000 Icon artifact common purple 65
6 60 255,600 170,400 113,600 56,800 Icon artifact epic purple 75
7 60 320,400 213,600 142,400 71,200 Icon artifact epic purple 85
Total Loot 1,134,000 756,000 504,000 252,000 Icon artifact common purple3 Icon artifact rare purple2 Icon artifact epic purple2 385

^a is your Attack Cost. It is added to your Gold reward, so it is also increased by Resource Reward Statues.
^^Dr. T's HQ has guaranteed Power Stone drops when destroyed, and you have additional chances to get more Power Stones from the usual chance, which is explained on the Power Stone page.