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"Your Gunboat can shoot more than just artillery fire! Flares can guide your troops in battle."


  • The Flare is the 2nd weapon unlocked for your Gunboat. It is unlocked at Headquarters level 3.
  • When a Flare is deployed and lands, most troops will move towards it regardless of what they are doing.
  • If a Flare lands on a building, the building will be marked by a cross-hair, and all troops will attack it.
    • The troops will not walk right next to the building. They will stop approaching the building once they are within range of it.

Offensive Strategy

  • Flares can be used to flank Players who place their Headquarters at the back of their island with very little protection. By using Flares, you can guide your troops to walk around the perimeter of the island to ignore the bulk of the Defensive Buildings and into the weak spot at the back with the Headquarters.
  • You can guide troops into the blind spots of Mortars, Rocket Launchers, and Critter Launchers by firing a Flare right next to them.
  • Be careful when guiding mass infantry into a cluster, as the splash damage from Mortars and Rocket Launchers can potentially annihilate a large number of your troops.
  • Flares work well with Shock Bombs, as your troops will proceed to quickly neutralize the targeted building with little to no retaliation.

Upgrade Differences

  • The higher the level of the Flare, the longer it will last. There are no visual changes.


  • Only one Flare can be functional at a time, although multiple flares can be active visually. If a second Flare is fired, troops will ignore the former and follow the latter.
  • If the troops reach the Flare before it stops smoking, and the Flare was not dropped on a building, they will turn around and attack the nearest building.
    • Similarly, if the Flare's timer runs out before the troops reach it, the troops will stop for a brief moment and then target the nearest building.
    • If the Flare was placed on a building and it is destroyed before the timer runs out, the troops will target the nearest building normally. Any troops that were still approaching the building will stop moving toward it.
  • The Flare was once named Signal Smoke and appeared very similar to the Smoke Screen except with colored smoke during beta. It was soon changed to the stick we see it as today and was renamed Flare.
  • There is a bug where troops don't react to the flare and continue attacking their targets, so always check that all troops are actually running towards the flare.
    • If Scorchers are affected by this bug, they will only attack 1 building at a time.


Research Cost
Armory Level Required
Combat Academy
Research Time
XP Gain
1 6s N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 8s 6,300 1 2h 52 14
3 11s 105,000 5 8h 203 30
4 15s 350,000 9 17h 390 43
5 20s 1,080,000 12 1d 2h 689 54
6 25s 2,600,000 15 1d 11h 1,120 64
7 30s 4,200,000 18 1d 17h 1,484 69
Number of Shots Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 2 2
2 3 5
3 4 9
4 5 14
5 6 20
6 7 27
7 8 35
8 9 44
9 10 54
10 11 65


Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
Tech Point
1 1 N/A 5
2 2 84,000 10
3 3 92,000 15
4 5 111,500 20
5 7 135,000 25
Total 422,500 75