• Whenever you conquer a Mercenary Base or Blackguard Base, you free the Native Islanders that live there from their Blackguard captors.
  • In gratitude, the Native Islanders ship Gold to your base.
  • Each freed village has a certain rate of production that depends on the total number of freed villages that are currently in the Archipelago.
  • The Gold from all of the freed villages is combined and shipped to your base in a Resource Boat.
  • That Resource Boat has a maximum capacity that depends on the number of freed villages you currently have.
  • Absolutely none of the resources in this Resource Boat can be stolen by attackers.


Freed Villages Boat Capacity Boat Reaches Capacity In Total Production Per Hour Production Per Hour Per Village
17601d 14h2020
3116019h 20m6020
4140016h 40m8421
5161015h 20m10521
6188014h 55m12621
7210013h 38m15422
8240013h 38m17622
9263012h 42m20723
10296012h 52m23023
11331013h 5m25323
12356012h 22m28824
13394012h 38m31224
14420012h 0m35025
15461012h 18m37525
16488011h 44m41626
17532012h 2m44226
18560011h 31m48627
19607011h 50m51327
20656012h 9m54027
21686011h 40m58828
22738011h 59m61628
23769011h 32m66729
24824011h 50m69629
25856011h 25m75030
26914011h 43m78030
27974011h 38m83731
281008011h 37m86831
291071011h 32m92832
301106011h 31m96032
311172011h 27m102333
321240011h 45m105633
331277011h 23m112234
341348011h 40m115634
351386011h 19m122535
361460011h 35m126035
371536011h 32m133236
381576011h 31m136836
391655011h 28m144337
401696011h 28m148037
411778011h 25m155838
421862011h 40m159638
431905011h 22m167739
441992011h 37m171639
452081011h 34m180040
462126011h 33m184040
472218011h 31m192741
482264011h 30m196841
492359011h 28m205842
502456011h 42m210042
512504011h 25m219343
522604011h 39m223643
532653011h 23m233244
542756011h 36m237644
552861011h 34m247545
562912011h 33m252045
573020011h 31m262246
583130011h 44m266846
593183011h 29m277347
603296011h 41m282047
613350011h 26m292848
623466011h 39m297648
633584011h 37m308749
643640011h 36m313649
653761011h 34m325050
663884011h 46m330050
673942011h 32m341751
684068011h 44m346851
694196011h 42m358852
704256011h 42m364052
714387011h 39m376353
724448011h 39m381653
734582011h 37m394254
744718011h 48m399654
754781011h 35m412555
764920011h 46m418055
775061011h 44m431256
785126011h 32m444657
795270011h 42m450357
805416011h 40m464058
815483011h 40m469858
825632011h 38m483859
835783011h 49m489759
845852011h 37m504060
856006011h 47m510060
866076011h 35m524661
876233011h 45m530761
886392011h 43m545662
896464011h 43m551862
906626011h 41m567063
916790011h 51m573363
926864011h 39m588864
937031011h 49m595264
947200011h 47m611065
957276011h 36m627066
967448011h 45m633666
977622011h 44m649967
987700011h 44m656667
997877011h 42m673268
1008056011h 51m680068
1018136011h 40m696969
1028318011h 49m703869
1038502011h 48m721070
1048584011h 47m728070
1058771011h 46m745571
1068960011h 54m752671
1079044011h 44m770472
1089236011h 43m788473
1099430011h 51m795773
1109516011h 41m814074
1119713011h 49m821474
1129800011h 40m840075
11310000011h 48m847575
11410202011h 47m866476
11510291011h 46m874076
11610496011h 45m893277
11710703011h 53m900977
11810794011h 44m920478
11911004011h 42m940179
12011216011h 50m948079
12111309011h 41m968080
12211524011h 48m976080
12311741011h 47m996381
12411836011h 47m1004481
12512056011h 46m1025082
12612278011h 53m1033282
12712375011h 44m1054183
12812600011h 52m1062483
12912827011h 50m1083684
13012926011h 42m1105085
13113156011h 49m1113585
13213388011h 48m1135286
13313489011h 48m1143886
13413724011h 46m1165887
13513961011h 53m1174587
13614064011h 45m1196888
13714304011h 52m1205688
13814546011h 51m1228289
13914651011h 51m1237189
14014896011h 49m1260090
14115143011h 48m1283191
14215250011h 48m1292291
14315500011h 47m1315692
14415752011h 53m1324892
14516006011h 52m1348593
14616116011h 52m1357893
14716373011h 51m1381894
14816632011h 57m1391294
14916744011h 50m1415595
15017006011h 49m1440096
15117270011h 55m1449696
15217384011h 47m1474497
15317651011h 54m1484197
15417920011h 52m1509298
15518036011h 52m1519098
15618308011h 51m1544499
15718582011h 57m1554399
15818700011h 50m15800100
15918977011h 49m16059101
16019256011h 55m16160101
16119376011h 48m16422102
16219658011h 54m16524102
16319942011h 53m16789103
16420064011h 53m16892103
16520351011h 52m17160104
16620640011h 50m17430105
16720764011h 50m17535105
16821056011h 49m17808106
16921350011h 55m17914106
17021476011h 48m18190107
17121773011h 54m18297107
17222072011h 53m18576108
17322373011h 58m18684108
17422502011h 52m18966109
17522806011h 51m19250110
17623112011h 56m19360110
17723243011h 50m19647111
17823552011h 55m19758111
17923863011h 54m20048112
18023996011h 54m20160112
18124310011h 53m20453113
18224626011h 52m20748114
18324761011h 52m20862114
18425080011h 51m21160115
18525401011h 56m21275115
18625538011h 50m21576116
18725862011h 55m21692116
18826188011h 54m21996117
18926327011h 54m22113117
19026656011h 53m22420118
19126898011h 52m22662118
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