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Heavy Choppa


  • The Heavy Choppa is a flying troop formerly available exclusively on Warships from Season 5 onwards, then implemented as a Prototype Troop.
  • Like the Heavy, the Heavy Choppa has high hitpoints but low damage per second for its housing space.
  • It periodically deploys a Heavy every 5 seconds, up to a maximum of 10 times. After it has dropped 10, it will not spawn any more heavies until it is destroyed.
  • When shot down, Heavy Choppas will deal a small amount of damage in a small radius when it crashes onto the ground and drop 8 Heavies in its place.
  • As a flying unit, only a limited selection of Defensive Buildings can attack the Heavy Choppa, as described in the table below. The Heavy Choppa is also able to fly over all types of Mines.
  • The Heavy Choppa is unlocked for players who have an Armory level of 13 or above and starts 1 level below the Armory level. It can be upgraded using Proto Tokens gained from events.
  • A Heavy Choppa costs 8 Gunboat Energy to deploy.

Visual Appearance

  • The Heavy Choppa appears to be a heavily-armored Boeing CH-47 Chinook military transport helicopter armed with two miniguns. There are armored plates on the windows, doors, cabin, as well as the nose. It has six wheels on the undercarriage. The rotors, minigun barrel clamps, and turboshaft engines have blue markings. The text on the engines read "02."

Offensive Strategy

  • They work quite well with Rocket Choppas because of their flying ability, similar movement speed as well as complimenting the high damage of the Rocket Choppas with high health and short range to soak up a majority of the damage.
  • Watch out for Doom Cannons because they can wipe out your Heavy Choppas. Grapplers near Cannons will achieve a similar affect.
  • Heavy Choppas work quite well with Bombardiers as well due to their action of dropping Heavies. Make sure Rocket Launchers and Shock Launchers do not target your Bombardiers, though, since the Heavy Choppas and Heavies will stand in the blind spots of these defenses.
    • If you have not unlocked Bombardiers yet, you can use Zookas instead. They work the same way as a standard composition of Heavies and Zookas, except that in this case Heavies cover is much stronger.

Defensive Strategy

  • Choosing Grapplers or Doom Cannons on the Tech Tree will greatly improve your success against Heavy Choppas. Additionally, placing Sky Shields near your Engine Rooms will prevent enemies from flaring directly to them.
  • For main base, a good decision is to place some heavy defenses as Doom Cannons, Boom Cannons and regular Cannons in order to destroy as many Heavy Choppas as possible before they would spawn a lot of Heavies.
  • Hot Pots, Microwav'rs and Flamethrowers can help in defending when Heavy Choppas have already spawned many Heavies. These defensive buildings have significant damage value, as well as splash type of damage which helps them deal with a bug number of short-range units.


  • You can have a maximum of 16 Heavy Choppas in a complete set of level 24-25 Landing Crafts.
  • Defeated Heavies deployed from Heavy Choppas do not count as casualties.
  • As a flying unit, Heavy Choppas as well as Rocket Choppas can fly over the large chasms of Warships and Mega Crab.
  • Dr. Kavan's Second Wind ability cannot revive Heavy Choppas, but it can revive the spawned heavies if they are killed.


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
14 30m

Fast / 350

5.5-10 Tiles 0.1s
Damage per Shot
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost in Proto Tokens
12 16,800 180 18 35,000 N/A
13 17,555 190 19 40,000 250
14 18,300 200 20 45,000 350
15 19,100 210 21 50,000 450
16 19,900 220 22 55,000 550
17 20,750 230 23 60,000 650
18 21,650 245 24.5 65,000 750
19 22,500 255 25.5 70,000 850
20 23,400 265 26.5 75,000 950
21 24,300 275 27.5 80,000 1,050
22 25,250 290 29 85,000 1,150
23 26,200 305 30.5 90,000 1,250
24 27,200 320 32 95,000 1,350
25 28,060 335 33.5 100,000 1,450
26 29,000 350 35 105,000 1,550
Defenses Against Air Troops
Category Can Target Air Cannot Target Air
Defensive Buildings Sniper Tower
Machine Gun
Boom Cannon
Rocket Launcher
Critter Launcher
Shock Launcher
Traps None Mine
Boom Mine
Shock Mine
Prototype Defenses Shock Blaster
Lazor Beam
Doom Cannon
Boom Surprise
Hot Pot
Flotsam Cannon


Reserves Size
Troop Capacity
Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
Tech Point
1 14 11 N/A 5
2 16 13 135,500 10
3 18 15 164,000 15
4 20 18 198,500 20
5 22 20 270,000 25
Total 768,000 75