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Hidden Warrior
"This Tribal Warrior is hidden from enemy buildings and attack, allowing him to sneak into enemy lines undetected. But once he starts attacking, the enemy will attack back!"


  • The Hidden Warrior is a prototype troop that performs similarly to the Warrior, with high speed, good damage, and self-healing attacks, although they require more capacity than their counterparts when deployed on warships.
    • They move faster then Warriors, but have a 0.1s slower attack and 11% less range
  • They were introduced with Warships Season 42.
    • The Hidden Warrior was only playable in Season 42, 43 and 61.
  • Hidden Warriors are not visible to enemy buildings by default, and will not be fired upon directly. Their stealth is temporarily removed when they begin attacking.

Visual Appearances

  • The Hidden Warrior's artwork is very similar to a Warrior, but with a few key differences:
    • They have a mohawk, more body paint in place of a gold collar and their crystal hammer assumes a different design reminiscent of an eye.
    • While their stealth is active, Hidden Warriors appear somewhat transparent.

Offensive Strategy

  • Hidden Warriors are designed with the Smokey Warrior strategy in mind, minus the smoke. Their stealth allows them to reach enemy buildings even at a range disadvantage, negating the frequent need for smoke and allowing you to focus on paralyzing or distracting other defenses. This means they can often work alone, without the presence of other troops, but it requires careful and strategic planning.
    • Heroes can still be used alongside Hidden Warriors this way, but unless they're able to survive the trip to the target unprotected, it would still wise to defend your Hero with smoke.
    • Other sources of support are still appreciated, primarily those from your Gunboat. Smoke may not be useful, but just about anything else could.
    • Since Microwav'rs won't attack hidden warriors you don't have to use a Shock Bomb to stun the Microwav'r. However, the Microwav'r can still hit them through its omnidirectional attacks if another target gets into range.
  • Their stealth makes it much easier to counter the range advantage enemy defenses might have, as they will be unable to acquire a target and can be easily worked around. That being said, they will inevitably pose an issue if the Hidden Warriors end up within their line of fire.
  • Try to work around or set off any mines you might find.

Defensive Strategy

  • Hidden Warriors may force you to rethink your defensive strategy as they're able to bypass defenses. Unless a building is able to keep them occupied long enough, they may take some serious damage, and their target is more often than not obliterated by large amounts of direct damage immediately.
  • Mines and Boom Mines are good deterrents, as stealth has no effect on them. Beware that Shock Mines are less effective, as they can neither deal sufficient damage or disable their stealth.
    • Speaking of stunning, any source can be viable if the Hidden Warriors are actually exposed, since it then renders them vulnerable per usual.
  • Because of the increased unit capacity, defenses with high quantities of direct damage (Cannon/Boom Cannon/Doom Cannon) can also work if they cover likely targeted buildings. Anything with a blindspot or insufficient output will simply never get a clean hit.


  • You can have a maximum of 40 Hidden Warriors in a complete set of fully upgraded Landing Crafts.
    • Hidden Warriors have fewer troops available at the first and second levels than there is space on the Maxed Landing Craft. The Hidden Warrior is the only troop where this scenario exists.
    • It is not recommended that you only use Hidden Warriors as they die more easily and you have very little capacity.
  • Hidden Warrior's in-game model is identical to the Warrior.
  • It is not known how would the Hidden Warrior's stealth interact with S.I.M.O..
    • Surprisingly, Critters fired from Critter Launchers can pursue and attack Hidden Warriors, even after the latter enters stealth.


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
5 3m

Fast / 300

Melee / 0,9 tiles 1.1s
Damage per Hit
HP Healed per Attack
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost in Proto Tokens
12 635 245 269.5 56 2,400 N/A
13 670 260 286 58 2,600 250
14 709 274 301.4 60 2,800 350
15 750 289 317.9 62 3,000 450
16 800 307 337.7 64 3,200 550
17 890 343 377.3 68 3,600 650
18 942 363 399.3 70 3,800 750
19 990 384 422.2 72 4,000 850
20 1,058 405 445.5 74 4,200 950
21 1,120 430 473 76 4,400 1050
22 1,190 454 499.4 78 4,600 1150
23 1,253 482 530.2 80 4,800 1250
24 1,324 511 562.1 82 5,000 1350
25 1,395 542 596.2 84 5,200 1450
26 1,465 573 630.3 86 5,400 1550


Reserves Size
Troop Capacity
Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
Tech Point
1 12 28 N/A 5
2 14 34 57,500 10
3 16 40 84,000 15
4 18 46 123,000 20
5 22 52 195,000 25
Total 459,500 75