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"Powerful flamethrower with improved reach. Stays protected in an underground bunker until enemies are in range."

Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3


  • The Hot Pot is a Prototype Defense that is built in the Weapon Lab.
  • Like all Prototype Defenses, it will only last for a certain amount of time after it is placed on your base.
  • The Hot Pot is, in essence, an improved Flamethrower with increased range and significantly higher damage, along with the standard high health that all Prototype Defenses have. In comparison to other Prototype Defenses, however, the Hot Pot has the least health among them.
  • The Hot Pot stays inside a protected bunker protecting it from targeting and all forms of damage. It only emerges if there is a target within range proximity.
  • Troops attacked by the Hot Pot will continuously burn for five seconds, receiving heavy damage.

Offensive Strategy

  • Due to its very high damage but relatively low health for a prototype, units with high health, such as Scorchers, paired with damage-dealing units, such as Zookas, are best suited for dealing with this defense so it is taken down quickly.
  • Its relatively short range means that it is possible to avoid the Hot Pot completely by taking a different route or flanking it. If the Hot Pot is positioned on one side of the Headquarters, most troops are able to attack the Headquarters from the other side without intervention from the Hot Pot.
  • If using low-health troops such as Riflemen or Warriors, be sure to use Shock Bombs to minimize the amount of damage it can do to your army. Saving up Gunboat Energy for this purpose is paramount; it could mean all the difference in an attack.
  • Hot Pot takes a few moments to engage troops after it activates, so while difficult to pull off, well-timed Shock Bomb can completely deny its impact.
  • If you shock the Hot Pot while it is exposed, it cannot retreat until the Shock wears off. This is a good time to use Artillery and Barrage to damage or destroy the defense.
    • If you choose not to react quickly to a Hot Pot, exposing it with Critters followed by continuous shocking of the Hot Pot is a good idea. As Shock Bombs are expensive, you should only expose the Hot Pot when your troops are close to activating it.
    • Hot Pot's bunker does not protect it from Shock Bombs, preventing it from ever attacking when stunned. However, this is not always recommended as this could turn out to be problematic if troops end up on top of the bunker while it is inactive.
    • However this could be integral in a Smokey Warrior attack, as the Hot Pot will be given no opportunity to fire while the Warriors eliminate their target.
  • Taking the defense out with Gunboat Weaponry alone, while possible, is not always recommended. Critters must be used in order to expose the defense, after which it must be taken down within a few seconds or else it will retreat into its bunker, negating any weaponry thrown on the hatch afterwards.
  • Very long-ranged troops such as Grenadiers can outrange this defense while it is active. However, if the defense retreats while there are no other buildings nearby to occupy the attention of these troops, the troops will move forward, and possibly into the range of the Hot Pot where they will be promptly melted.
    • The player may use a Shock Bomb to stop the retreating progress.
    • It is important to note, however, if the Hot Pot is connected to the Headquarters, then Grenadiers will naturally outrange the Hot Pot and be in no harm of triggering the defense, for as long as no Flare is deployed to reposition them.

Defensive Strategy

  • The Hot Pot works very well against mass infantry as its extreme damage will melt them in less than two seconds. As such, it should be placed away from other area damage defenses to prevent all of them from getting shocked by one Shock Bomb.
    • This is especially noticeable during the Hammerman Strikes Back event when mass infantry are always used.
    • However, the Hot Pot can only deal with targets in one direction, so if something keeps its attention long enough, it can get flanked. The Microwav'r is a good alternative, having less range but omnidirectional attacks to hit behind the durable troops.
  • When defending against a Smokey-Warrior Rush, place the Hot Pot as far as you can from Flamethrowers and other important defenses such as the Shock Launcher so that all of them cannot be shocked with one Shock Bomb.
  • The Hot Pot works well with the Grappler. The Hot Pot's relatively high damage will destroy the troop pulled in quickly.
    • However, this could prevent the Hot Pot from retreating inside its bunker, opening it to damage from Gunboat Weaponry, as the Hot Pot will periodically fire upon the troops that were dragged.

Version Differences

  • At Mark I, the blast doors appears as solid red. The flamethrower appears as a red structure with a short barrel and a blue pilot light. It has a small silver hatch on top.
  • At Mark II, the blast doors gain a white, triangular flame symbol. The flamethrower now has a longer barrel reinforced with a red sheath. The hatch is painted with a blue ring.
  • At Mark III, the blast doors gain a white stripe across the center along with the flame. The flamethrower now has a small white square design on it with four detached corners. A large fuel canister containing blue fuel is installed onto the rear.


  • The Hot Pot has the lowest hitpoints among any prototype defense at all respective Marks.
  • Boom Surprise recycles Hot Pot's wreck model.
  • The Hot Pot's fire is a bluish-purple, in comparison to the reddish-orange of a normal Flamethrower.
    • This may be due to the fact that it uses a different fuel source, evidenced by the blue liquid on the rear of the Mk. III Hot Pot


Building Size
Attack Speed
Damage Type
Damage Type
Splash Radius
Splash Radius
Special Ability
3x3 8.5 Tiles 0.15s Splash 2 Tiles Continues to burn units for 5 seconds after they have received damage from it.^
Damage Per Second
Burn DPS*
Total Residual Burn Damage
Build Cost Build Time
Weapon Lab
level Required
Critical Fuse
Complex Gear
Power Rod
Field Capacitor
1 10,000 600 100 500 0 3 3 0 1h 2
2 15,000 1,020 170 850 3 3 3 3 4h 3
3 20,000 1,440 240 1,200 6 6 3 3 12h 4

*The Hot Pot deals both "normal" damage and Burn damage at the same time while it is active. The "normal" damage is equal to five times the Burn DPS. When you combine the "normal" DPS and the Burn DPS, you get the DPS that troops take while being hit by the Hot Pot.

^Enemies will continue to receive Burn damage for 5 seconds after being attacked by the Hot Pot. The "Total Residual Burn Damage" column is the total damage dealt during those 5 seconds.