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"Gives troops around the hero temporary shields that absorb damage until destroyed. Excess damage from the hit that destroys the shield is negated."


  • Ice Shields is a Hero Ability that Dr. Kavan can use during attacks.
  • When used, Dr. Kavan creates ice shields on every nearby troop, as well as Critters and himself. These shields have low hitpoints but negate excess damage.
  • The health of the shields deplete over time.
  • The ability's cost starts at 6 energy, which increases by 8 for every subsequent use.

Offensive Strategy

  • You can use the Ice Shields to have your troops survive an attack from a high damage defense such as the Boom Cannon or Doom Cannon, without being destroyed or taking serious damage.
  • Using the Ice Shields ability can protect Zookas from being destroyed by Mortars or Sniper Towers.
  • The ability is ineffective against defenses that deal continuous damage such as the Flamethrower since the low damage per hit means that the Ice Shields only serve as extra hitpoints; they negate little damage.
  • If the ability is used while troops have shields (either through the use of this ability or through the use of the Crystal Shield Projector temporary Gunboat ability), the ability will merely regenerate the shields back to maximum health; it does not create an extra layer of shield. Hence it should only be used when the troops do not already have such shields.


Area of Effect Radius
Trigger Radius
10 Tiles
Shield Duration
Shield Hitpoints
Upgrade Cost
Hero Token
Upgrade Time
Instant (Time Only)
Hero Level Required
1 8.0s 140 N/A N/A N/A 2
2 8.5s 220 8 8h 119 5
3 9.0s 300 16 16h 202 8
4 9.5s 380 32 1d 8h 339 12
5 10.0s 460 64 2d 16h 572 16
6 11.0s 600 128 5d 8h 964 19
Number of Shots
Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 6 6
2 14 20
3 22 42
4 30 72
5 38 110