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"Laser Ranger uses her battery powered, handheld laser prototype to zap enemies in the line of sight."


  • The Laser Ranger is the ninth troop to unlock in the game. Is it unlocked at Headquarters level 19.
  • The Laser Ranger has moderate speed, high DPS, low hitpoints and medium range, between Zooka and Tank, with overshooting attacks that pierce her initial target and damage buildings behind.

Visual Appearance

  • The Laser Ranger is a green-eyed woman in a blue soldier's uniform and a yellow helmet with a white lightning symbol on top. Around her left hip and on her belt she has straps to which pouches are attached. She has brown gloves on her hands. Her weapon is a blaster, at the end of which there is a focusing spiral, and a battery for charging the laser is fixed on top of the forearm.

Offensive Strategy

  • Since Laser Rangers have good damage but very low hitpoints, they need to be protected with more durable troops such as Heavies, Scorchers or Mechs. However, due to their high speed, Laser Rangers often take splash damage from Mines before your other troops could set them off. More often than not, you should consider sending them a little later, after your durable units have advanced enough. It certainly doesn't help that unlike the Lazortron, Critter Cannon or Rain Maker, their attacks do not trigger mines.
    • To prevent this or at least reduce the number of losses, you can use one or two Landing Crafts with Medics to heal them up. Aside from your frontline troops, Critters are also handy for disposing of mines if fired in advance.
  • Pvt. Bullit might be a good choice as a tank to strengthen the cover for Laser Rangers and reinforce your existing ones.
  • It is not recommended to use other ranged troops like Tanks with Laser Rangers, since they have similar range and hence unlike Scorchers or Heavies, cannot protect Laser Rangers at all. This is especially problematic against Mortars, Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns.
  • Laser Ranger's weapon is similar to that of Lazortrons, utilizing indirect fire to chip buildings they can't safely hit, just without the friendly fire. Try to place them so that the trajectory of the beam hits a large number of buildings, focusing on Shock Launchers and other dangerous defensive structures for them and allowing your durable units live longer.
    • To exploit this further, you can disable a durable building with the help of Taunt, a Scorcher or Shock Bomb, allowing them to then easily snipe weaker buildings and recover valuable Gunboat energy.

Defensive Strategy

  • Any type of splash damage like Mortars and Rocket Launchers is quite dangerous for Laser Rangers. Place two or three high-leveled Mines in areas where Laser Rangers are likely to walk so they will be destroyed before they can get a chance to be healed by Medics and Medkits.
  • Laser Rangers are very similar to Grenadiers, combining high indirect damage with exceptional accuracy at the cost of range. As such, strategies that are effective against Grenadiers will play out similarly.
  • Avoid making long lines with buildings, as Laser Rangers can potentially snipe all of them.

Upgrade Differences

  • There are no visual changes between levels, but each upgrade increases the Laser Ranger's hitpoints (by approximately 6%), DPS (by 15 or 16), and training cost (by 1,000 gold).


  • Laser Ranger's beam weapon is similar to those featured on the Lazor Beam and Lazortron, having similar sound and graphical effects. On that particular note, it is the only unit spelling the word "Laser" correctly instead of using a homophone.
  • You can have a maximum of 80 Laser Rangers in a complete set of fully upgraded Landing Crafts.
  • The Laser Ranger was introduced from the Space Ape spinoff, Boom Beach: Frontlines, due to said game shutting down.
    • In Boom Beach her helmet is yellow instead of blue like in Boom Beach: Frontlines.


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
Headquarters Level Required
3 8m 10s

Moderate / 300

Medium / 7.6 Tiles 0.064s between shots in salvo;

1.5s between salvos (each salvo has 23 shots)

Damage per Shot
Beam Extension
Training Cost
Research Cost
Combat Academy
Research Time
XP Gain
1 312 480 30.72 0% 6,000 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 323 496 31.744 2% 7,000 7,200,000 19 4d 4h 2,399 100
3 332 511 32.704 4% 8,000 7,300,000 20 4d 6h 2,430 101
4 353 526 33.664 6% 9,000 7,500,000 21 4d 8h 2,473 102
5 375 541 34.624 8% 10,000 7,700,000 21 4d 10h 2,516 104
6 398 556 35.584 10% 11,000 7,800,000 22 4d 12h 2,548 106
7 422 571 36.544 12% 12,000 8,000,000 23 4d 14h 2,592 108
8 447 587 37.568 14% 13,000 8,200,000 23 4d 16h 2,632 110
9 473 602 38.528 16% 14,000 8,300,000 24 4d 18h 2,663 112
10 500 617 39.488 18% 15,000 8,500,000 24 4d 20h 2,703 114
11 528 632 40.448 20% 16,000 8,700,000 25 4d 22h 2,747 116
12 557 647 41.408 22% 17,000 8,900,000 25 5d 2,791 118
13 587 663 42.432 24% 18,000 9,000,000 26 5d 1h 2,801 120