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"Breakthrough in the battery tech has allowed Blackguard to mount Lazor Beams on tanks. It will burn its way through enemy defenses with pinpoint precision."


  • The Lazortron is a Prototroop that fires a laser beam, similar to that of the Lazor Beam, as its method of attack. It has a very long range, and its laser beam can hit additional targets behind its initial target.
  • The Lazortron can be purchased from the Trader as part of an additional offer after the Armory is upgraded to at least level 14. Each purchase allows usage of the Lazortron for 1 day.
  • The level of the Lazortron depends on the Armory level. It is always upgraded to the maximum level allowed by the Armory, so for instance, a player with a level 22 Armory will always have a level 5 Lazortron, without having to upgrade it from previous levels.
  • A Lazortron costs 6 Gunboat Energy to deploy.
  • Like with the Lazor Beam, the Lazortron's lasers have a set length and can exceed the standard firing range of the Lazortron, but will stop early at a map boundary.
  • The laser beam fired by the Lazortron can also trigger Mines and damage any friendly troops in its path.

Offensive Strategy

  • The Lazortron is similar to Grenadiers in terms of range. You can use it to outrange certain defenses such as the Cannon and Flamethrower. They can even outrange Sniper Towers, but just barely.
  • Combining Lazortrons with Medics is an effective strategy. Medics can offset the damage that Lazortrons receive from defenses like Rocket Launchers and from Mines, preventing them from being killed prematurely, as they are slow and could possibly run out of time.

Defensive Strategy

  • Longer range defenses such as the Boom Cannon, Shock Launcher, Rocket Launcher, and most Prototype Defenses are able to attack Lazortrons. Protecting them is therefore a good idea.
  • Boom Mines are very dangerous against Lazortrons. Carefully spread out your Boom Mines across your base to ensure that Lazortrons cannot easily maneuver around them.
  • Shock Mines may not deal a lot of damage but the stun can stall Lazortrons for a long time, possibly causing the attacker to lose the battle due to running out of time.
  • Protect your economy and support buildings as much as possible. Lazortron armies need the Gunboat Energy they receive from destroying them to power their Barrages and Artillery shells needed to destroy your Boom Cannons and Shock Launchers. Running out of Gunboat energy can quickly spoil the whole attack unless important defenses have already been destroyed.
  • Avoid placing buildings in columns as Lazortrons can hit the rear buidlings alongside the front ones. Space them out so that each Lazortron hits as few buildings with a single beam as possible, preventing them from getting addition Gunboat Energy.

Visual Appearance

  • The Lazortron appears similar to a Tank, except having a red projection dish in place of a cannon, as well as having a yellow power box behind it. In battle, it appears as blue with a white hatch, similar to the regular Tank.


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
14 24m

Slow / 180

Very Long / 12.5 Tiles 0.064s between hits in beam; 1.2s between lasers of 25 hits
Damage per Hit
Training Cost
Combat Academy
1 1,700 40,000 14
2 2,000 1,052 115.2 50,000 16
3 2,200 60,000 18
4 2,300 75,000 20
5 2,350 1,754 192 97,500 22


Reserves Size
Troop Capacity
Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
1 12 28 N/A 5
2 14 34 86,500 10
3 16 40 115,500 15
4 18 46 169,000 20
5 22 52 240,000 25
Total 611,000 75