There are many different hints that show up on the loading screen when you launch the game. Each hint will give you good tips about the game. Whenever you start the game, a random one of the hints below will be shown.

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  • Loading Screen Hints Data

    5 messages
    • Note the post being in August 2014, clearly those hints were not there yet as they were most likely added in a 2015 update.
    • If you put your ear right next to your speaker when you see a seashell on the beach, click on the seashell and you can hear dr t talking ab...
  • Loading Screen Hints (wiki Page)

    2 messages
    • I notice the hints page: 1. Does not show most of the hints 2. Shows hints from when the game was in Beta, or at least SEVERAL updates ago.
    • Then why not help us complete it? {{kdsig}}
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