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"I'm here to save lives! With my support, our soldiers can stay in the fight when the going gets hot."


  • ​The Medic is the sixth troop to unlock. He is unlocked at Headquarters level 15.
  • The Medic lacks any offense of his own and instead heals other troops, increasing their survivability.
    • Medic healing is not affected by Magma Statues.
  • Medics were the first unit added to Boom Beach.

Visual Appearance

  • The Medic appears as a fair-skinned man with a blue uniform, a satchel, glasses, and a white helmet with a blue band and a green cross on it.
    • Before 20th of June 2023, the Medic's helmet had a red cross instead.

Offensive Strategy

  • Medics ignore Flares. They only follow injured Troops, and if none of your troops are injured they just follow the closest troop. Keep this in mind when maneuvering your Troops because Medics will tend to move fairly erratically.
    • If there are no non-Medic Troops on the battlefield, the Medics will just stand still.
  • ​Keep Medics behind other troops so that defensive buildings won't damage them.
  • Make sure you have at least 2 Medics on the battlefield, as they can heal each other.
    • A single Medic, however, is still able to heal himself, but only if he is healing a troop that is close enough to him such that he is affected by his own splash healing. As this is unlikely and Medics usually work better in numbers, it is not advisable to have just one.
    • You could also supplement your Medics with Dr. Kavan.
  • Medics do not work well with Zookas, as most defenses will eliminate them instantly, leaving Medics with no room to heal.
  • Medics paired with Warriors, Scorchers, and Incinerators don't go together, as they tend to put your Medics in the line of fire.
  • When using Medics, watch out for Cannons, Doom Cannons and Boom Cannons, as the Medics can only outheal defenses with relatively low damage. This weakens any strategies involving Tanks and Medics, as both units occupy many housing spaces, leaving them vulnerable to defenses with high single-target damage.
  • If you wish to flank with an army that uses Medics using Smoke Screens, you can allow your other troops to voluntarily take a small amount of damage solely for the purpose to allow the Medics to catch up - they will rush to your injured troops. Not doing so will risk the chance that Medics will not be able to follow your troops before the Smoke Screen expires, exposing them to defenses after which they will all likely be destroyed. Many players place Mines on the flanks to deter flanking in the first place; use these to your advantage when flanking with Medics, as they can still heal under Smoke Screens.
    • If Mines are not available for this purpose, you can allow your troops to come under fire from weaker defenses such as Sniper Towers or Rocket Launchers for a very brief duration by intentionally delaying the placement of Smoke Screens.
    • Boom Mines will almost certainly destroy your weaker troops outright, rendering the strategy less effective. However, Tanks should be able to survive a single Boom Mine, albeit taking heavy damage.
    • Take care that your Medics do not get heavily damaged before starting to flank, otherwise it will be quite likely that they will remain on the beach healing each other, failing to catch up with your other troops.

Defensive Strategy

  • Killing Medics may seem easy as they don't do any damage themselves. However, it should be noted that Medics can heal each other and will usually be supporting other units from behind, meaning your defenses will have to get through them first before they could target Medics.
  • Make sure you protect your Cannons and Boom Cannons, as these could be your only chance of surviving a Medic-Tank/Heavy-Zooka attack.
  • A Grappler is a good way to force Medics into the front line of attack - by grabbing a troop as well as damaging it, it is possible that the Medics will rush to the aid of the grabbed troop, exposing themselves to defenses in the process.

Upgrade Differences

  • There are no visual changes between levels, but each upgrade increases the Medic's hitpoints (by 8.8%), HPS (Healing per Second) (by 1), and training cost.


  • The Medic heals troops by throwing a small Medkit towards them.
  • Although the Medic uses small Medkits to heal regular troops, he can also heal mechanical troops.
  • You can have a maximum of 48 Medics in a complete set of fully upgraded Landing Crafts.
    • Note: Having this many Medics is highly discouraged as your troops will have no offensive capabilities unless you bring Heroes.
  • The Medic's appearance bears a strong resemblance to "Radar" from the TV show M.A.S.H.
  • When released, the Medic had a gray backpack. This was changed in an unknown Update.


Combat Academy
Default MedicIcon Your original look. A familiar and timeless classic. -
Stylish Medic Stylish Medic A modern, colorful style for Medics. Squad Busters pre-registration event
Tier 4


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Heal Range
Heal Speed
Heal Type
Headquarters Level Required
5 10m

Moderate / 270

Short / 4-8 Tiles 0.6s Splash 15
Heal Per Second
Training Cost
Research Cost
Combat Academy
Research Time
XP Gain
1 500 20 5,000 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 544 21 5,500 1,680,000 14 2d 22h 1,161 83
3 592 22 6,000 2,740,000 15 3d 1h 1,413 91
4 644 23 6,500 3,300,000 15 3d 3h 1,544 91
5 701 24 7,000 3,400,000 16 3d 5h 1,575 91
6 762 25 7,500 3,800,000 17 3d 15h 1,717 102
7 829 26 8,000 4,500,000 18 3d 17h 1863 106
8 902 27 9,000 4,800,000 18 3d 18h 1,923 106
9 982 28 10,000 5,300,000 19 3d 23h 2,045 112
10 1,068 29 11,000 6,100,000 20 4d 2,191 114
11 1,162 30 12,000 6,400,000 20 4d 1h 2,249 114
12 1,264 31 13,000 6,600,000 21 4d 2h 2,290 116
13 1,376 32 14,000 7,100,000 22 4d 4h 2,385 118
14 1,498 33 15,000 7,500,000 23 4d 6h 2,462 120
15 1,630 34 16,000 7,900,000 24 4d 8h 2,538 122
16 1,772 35 17,000 8,300,000 25 4d 10h 2,615 124
17 1,928 36 18,000 8,600,000 26 4d 12h 2,661 126


Reserves Size
Troop Capacity
Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
Tech Point
1 2 45 N/A 5
2 5 55 98,000 10
3 7 64 118,500 15
4 10 74 169,000 20
5 13 84 225,000 25
Total 610,500 75