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"The Bombardier is shooting... watermelons? Why not? Be careful though, these watermelons are exploding with flavor."


  • The Melon Bombardier is a Prototroop that shoots watermelons at enemy buildings from a very long range.
  • The watermelons explode into shrapnel that deals extra damage after a short duration. The shrapnel does not trigger mines or deal friendly fire.
  • The Melon Bombardier is unlocked for players who have an Armory level of 13 or above and starts 1 level below the Armory level. It can be upgraded using Proto Tokens gained from events.
  • A Melon Bombardier costs 1 Gunboat Energy to deploy.

Visual Appearances

  • The Melon Bombardier appears similar to a Bombardier and a Cryobombardier, except wearing a watermelon helmet.
  • He is also holding a watermelon hand cannon which doubles as his walking stick.

Offensive Strategy

  • Melon Bombardiers are similar to Zookas in the sense that they are very fragile; most defenses will be capable of defeating them in one hit. Their longer range allows them to outrange Machine Guns and Cannons in addition to Flamethrowers, so none of these should be a threat unless they are cleverly placed.
  • Melon Bombardiers can also outrange Sniper Towers and Mortars, but just barely. If more than two Melon Bombardiers attack the same Sniper Tower or Mortar, one of them will probably get pushed into range.
  • Boom Cannons and Rocket Launchers are major threats to exposed Melon Bombardiers, as are many Prototype Defenses.
  • You can protect Melon Bombardiers with Tanks or Heavies to save them from long-ranged Defensive Buildings and Mines.
  • Keep in mind that Melon Bombardiers have similar weaknesses as zookas have. For example, using a Flare when using Melon Bombardiers with Heavies on a Rocket Launcher will move the Heavies in the blind spot which the Bombardiers won't enter, thus allowing the Rocket Launcher to fire on the Melon Bombardiers.
  • Melon Bombardiers, like Zookas, will target in-range active defenses before targeting support buildings, such as Storages, Power Cores, or Shield Generators, so mind their positioning.

Defensive Strategy

  • The Shock Blaster, Lazor Beam, Doom Cannon and Grappler can all easily reach Melon Bombardiers. In the first three cases, Melon Bombardiers can be finished off quickly by the prototype, while the Grappler can nullify the Melon Bombardiers' range advantage by pulling them close. However, in cases where the Melon Bombardiers are backed by meat shields, the Lazor Beam will typically be the only prototype that can consistently hit them.
  • The Hot Pot and Boom Surprise are largely immune to the Melon Bombardier's range advantage due to their nature of hiding until enemies are close, and thus can also make good choices. However, in cases where the Bombardiers are backed by meat shields, both prototypes can be distracted easily.
  • S.I.M.O.s are an excellent prototype choice to defend against Melon Bombardiers, as they will target Melon Bombardiers in the absence of Critters or other low-health distractions.
  • Note that the Melon Bombardier can outrange both the Microwav'r and Flotsam Cannon, though in the latter case the explosion damage of the Flotsam Cannon can be useful to finish off Melon Bombardiers if the attacker is not paying attention.


Unit Size
Troop Capacity
Training Time
Movement Speed
Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
Splash Radius
Splash Radius
Headquarters Level Required
8 15m

Moderate / 200

Very long / 12 Tiles 2.2s 1 Tile 14
Damage per Shot
& Shrapnel Damage
Training Cost
Upgrade Cost in Proto Tokens
12 410 2,600 1,430 18,000 N/A
13 420 2,800 1,540 20,000 250
14 430 3,000 1,650 22,000 350
15 440 3,200 1,760 24,000 450
16 450 3,400 1,870 26,000 550
17 460 3,600 1,980 28,000 650
18 470 3,800 2,090 30,000 750
19 480 4,000 2,200 32,000 850
20 490 4,200 2,310 34,000 950
21 500 4,400 2,420 36,000 1,050
22 510 4,600 2,530 38,000 1,150
23 520 4,800 2,640 40,000 1,250
24 530 5,000 2,750 42,000 1,350
25 540 5,200 2,860 44,000 1,450
26 550 5,400 2,970 46,000 1,550


Reserves Size
Troop Capacity
Upgrade Tokens
Upgrade Token
Tech Level
1 14 28 N/A 5
2 16 34 135,500 10
3 18 40 164,000 15
4 20 46 198,500 20
5 22 52 270,000 25
Total 768,000 75