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  • I live in a comet
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is CEO of the ICE-N
  • I am a sentient ice cube

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  • I have question, i dont think you are going to reply but Can I cross you Boom Beach story (Part one only) With mine Diary of Rifleman?...Thanks Forward

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  • Hi Ice. I have my new Story in Boom Beach (Diary of Rifleman) Can you please check it out and comment it? I will be happy if you can do it....Thanks forward

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  • Liar! You are Lt. Hammerman.


    Hammerman is a Lt.

    Hammerman took over General Zhao's base.


    Hammerman would easily call snow power stones...

    That's it. Done.

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  • Just wonderin

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  • Spooky... I was born on August 5th too...

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    • very detailed - therefore - science

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    • Its no Science. It is Mathematics, Phycology, Cyberology, Conspirology, and Weirdiousity!

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  • New spot for moving threads around the forums.

    First contender: This To be moved to TF Recruiting

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  • I was in Switzerland when I found these 100% PURE Ice Power Stone specimens on Mount Titlis...

    Photo 2
    Photo 1 (1)
    Yes, Lt. Hammerman wears fluffy woollen gloves. Don't blame me, blame the mountain. It's like -5 degrees C up there.

    100% PURE Power Stones are fairly rare to come by. Switzerland is our main target. There' problem: No Blackguard technology can cross the mountain ranges that surround Switzerland.

    As a rule of thumb, Überblimps cannot fly higher above the ground than they are long. We...haven't developed 4 km-long blimps yet. Hopefully we will soon. We're just having...minor problems because that Rebel Leader's got shield generators now.

    I guess Dr. T will be busy trying to make something to cross the huge mountain ranges into Switzerland...

    Yours Angrily,
    Lt. Hammerman

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    • Why don't you just Scorcher a hole through the lumps of snow :D


      Vroom Vroom Pls!!!

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  • From what I understand, cake is a mystical substance that has magical properties.

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  • Ice RebelLogo 100216 stuff.

    We don't like the Blackguard, so we sort of want to destroy them. They keep regenerating, though. It gets annoying after a few years.

    Um...yeah. Join us!

    (You might already be in our global Task Force, as long as you play Boom Beach and aren't fighting for the Blackguard.)

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  • I'm sorry guys.

    This won't be easy to take in, but:
    I quit Boom Beach.
    I recognise that some will strongly oppose to my decision. But...this is the way life is. We try some things, and if we find ourselves to not enjoy them, we find other things to do. But this...feels different.

    I've played Boom for nearly half a year, and it's hard to let it go. And it's especially hard to give up all of you people. MagmaHound, Clyde, and King Dragonhoff. All you wonderful people have stayed with me every step along my Boom journey, and you're one of the few "Real Friends" I have. People who will be with me always. And I just wanted to thank you for being so kind to be for this long. I've made lots of mistakes and had lots of blunders, but you accepted me and you forgave me. There are very few people who do that.

    Some of you will be unwilling to accept me. You have put so much faith in me, and I've decided to give up. You have stuck with me, you've worked with me, only for me to leave so far into the journey. But it's just that...sometimes, that's the kind of person I am. I don't mean to make anyone angry or even sad, but if you are feeling anything bad, I'm sorry.

    I hope this wiki will be able to do fine without me, as it was for so long before I joined. Just because I quit Boom Beach does not mean I quit all things Boom related. There will be hundreds more Boom Beach players from now more skilled than me, more dedicated than me, and...better than me. And some of those will join this wiki and help it to flourish.

    I never was the best person on this wiki. Never was, never will. No matter what I did, how I did it, someone was still better than me. I accept that, and am happy with that. Becoming a person like King Dragonhoff would be a huge responsibility – something I am not good at handling. I wouldn't be able to quit if I maintained the wiki. That's how life works. I'm glad that I never became an admin, as I was still inferior to many who were not admins.

    I won't be able to play Boom Beach again now. Once you quit, you...quit. Quitting is something you cannot undo. There are only a few reasons why I quit, but those reasons mattered a lot.

    • Boom Beach was a great game. But as much as I hate to admit it, it became...boring. My play hours decreased as I didn't want to pay a game that didn't give me pleasure.
    • As much as I hate to admit this too, there were better games. There were games better than the one I quit. I won't give examples, as that would ruin everything.
    • I...wasn't having fun. Every time someone attacked me, it was a win for them. I was constantly losing resources and victory points. I was getting matched with people who had Scorchers. I constantly lost in my attacks and my defences. I wasn't having fun.

    And that is the biggest reason I quit. If you aren't having fun in a game, then...why play it?

    I'm sorry.

    To all those who are better than me:
    I wish you luck. Please make this wiki a better place than when I was here. I did nothing but mess everything up.

    You are a better person than I am.


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    • k...

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    • Can I just say ice, you are the most awesome person I have ever met in the internet and I would be so sad if you quit this wiki. You have been active, friendly, helpful and much more. You are just amazing. Please stay active on this wiki for everyone. You haven't messed everything up, you have had a laug and made others laugh. We wouldn't play this game if it wasn't fun. The only reason that this wiki exists is so that people can have fun and find out about a game. That game has been designed so that people can have fun so this is a place of fun. That is what I think you have had and helped others have.

      I hope you read this,

      Yours sincerely, Lilac Lizard

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