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"Burns all enemies within range with dangerous microwave radiation. Can also be used to make popcorn."

Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3


  • The Microwav'r is a Prototype Defense that can be built inside the Weapon Lab.
  • Like other prototype defenses, they will only last for a limited duration after being deployed.
  • The Microwav'r emits microwave radiation, constantly harming all enemies within its range. However, the Microwav'r has a short range which limits its capability to damage long-ranged troops.

Offensive Strategy

  • The Microwav'r can be very dangerous to Riflemen and Warriors, as groups of both these troops can be wiped out within seconds; neither have the range to avoid the Microwav'r. When using these troops in attack, either use Shock Bombs to stop it, or avoid it entirely.
  • Tanks and Grenadiers can outrange this defense, so it poses no threat to these troops unless they accidentally wander into its range.
  • The high health of the Microwav'r means that this defense is very hard to destroy with Artillery or Barrage. Attackers attempting to do so would need lots of Gunboat Energy.
  • The Microwav'r is capable of damaging troops under Smoke Screens, so unless high-health troops like Scorchers are being used, you should avoid the area of effect of Microwav'rs when using Smoke Screens.

Defensive Strategy

  • You can place Microwav'rs on one side of the base to deter enemy troops from passing through that side of your base, but this can be completely ineffective against long-ranged troop compositions.
  • Pairing the Microwav'r with a Sky Shield can be very potent. Its high health plus the shield health means that attackers would need a lot of Gunboat Energy to destroy it. The shield can also prevent attackers from using Shock Bombs on the Microwav'r if they do not choose to destroy the shield first.
  • It can be a good idea to place Microwav'rs near defenses that are likely to be distracted with Critters in an attack.  The Microwav'r will quickly destroy Critters, rendering them useless.
  • The Microwav'r can excel in Hammerman Strikes Back events just like the Hot Pot due to its high health and potency against RIflemen, although its weakness against longer-ranged units remain.
  • You can place the Microwav'r around the Headquarters to prevent Smokey Warrior attacks as they ignore Smoke Screens. Such attackers would have to destroy it first, or upon reaching the Headquarters, use early Shock Bombs to prevent the Microwav'r from destroying all the Warriors.
    • An alternative is to place the Microwav'r in the midst of a path that a Smokey Warrior/Smokey Zooka user would typically take towards the HQ. This may force these types of attackers to find a more costly route (in terms of Gunboat Energy needed) to the HQ, or risk losing their army to the Microwav'r en route to the HQ.


Building Size
Attack Speed
Special Ability
3x3 7 Tiles 0.2s Damages all units within range at the same time
Mark Number
Damage Per Second
Damage Per Hit
Build Cost Build Time
Weapon Lab
level Required
Critical Fuse
Complex Gear
Power Rod
Field Capacitor
1 20,000 300 60 0 3 2 1 1h 2
2 25,000 500 100 3 3 6 0 4h 3
3 30,000 700 140 6 3 0 9 12h 4