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  • Optimizers are boosts which decrease the time required for certain things.
  • There are three types of Optimizers: Build Optimizers, Upgrade Optimizers, and Sculpt Optimizers.
  • Optimizers are acquired from the Boom Pass.
  • When they are first unlocked from the pass, Optimizers will have a lower percentage of time decrease, but versions with higher percentages can be unlocked from reward tiers further into the pass.
  • Optimizers expire at the end of each Boom Pass season, and must be acquired again from the next pass.
  • The maximal Boost for the Optimizers is 40%.

Build Optimizers[]

Build Optimizer
  • Build Optimizers decrease the time required for building construction and upgrades.

Upgrade Optimizers[]

Upgrade Optimizer
  • Upgrade Optimizers decrease the time required for troop and hero upgrades in the Armory and Hero Hut.

Sculpt Optimizers[]

Sculpt Optimizer
  • Sculpt Optimizers decrease the time required for the Sculptor to create Statues.