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"Blowing up the Power Core sets off a chain reaction that destroys the whole base!"

General Information

  • The Power Core is only found on Power Bases during Operations, and serves as their equivalent to the Headquarters. Destroying all Power Cores on a base will destroy all other buildings and award the full amount of Force Points available for that base.
    • The HQ Damage Rule applies to all Power Cores simultaneously. If any other building is destroyed, all Power Cores lose a small percentage of their maximum health, up to 70%.
      • Shield Generators connected to multiple Power Cores will take damage equivalent to their maximum health divided by the number of Power Cores when one of the shields have been destroyed. Destroying the Shield Generator itself will remove all Shields supplied to any applicable Power Cores.
  • Due to its 7x7 dimensions, one Smoke Screen or Medkit cannot cover it. As such, Smokey Warrior Rush strategies are much less effective.


  • The Power Core has no levels. Its base health is always the same, so Ice Statues and Shield Generators are the only things that scale the health of the Core.
  • If a Power Core is destroyed by the death of a Scorcher, it will be demolished, but any other remaining buildings will not, leaving the base incomplete.
  • Operation 24 Duplexity has 4 bases that contain two Power Cores, instead of one, and in such bases both Power Cores must be destroyed to finish the base itself.
    • If a Shield Generator is connected to both, destroying one shield will merely eliminate half of the generator's health, with the second finishing it off entirely.


Building Size Size Health Hitpoints
7x7 200,000