"Blowing up the Power Core sets off a chain reaction that destroys the whole base!"

General Information

  • The Power Core is the target building on Power Bases similar to the Headquarters on a normal base or an Outpost on a Resource Base. This means that if the Core is destroyed, any Buildings left on the Power Base will blow up awarding the full amount of Force Points for that Power Base.
  • The Power Core is only found on Power Bases during Operations.
  • The Headquarters Damage Rules apply to the Power Core as well.
  • It takes up a 7 by 7 square space which makes it too big to cover with one Smoke Screen or Medkit. As such, Smokey Warrior Rush strategies are not recommended for use against the Power Core.


  • The Power Core has no levels. Its base health is always the same, so Ice Statues and Shield Generators are the only things that scale the health of the Core.


Building Size Size Health Hitpoint
7x7 200,000
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