Pvt Bullit
"It's not quite clear why Private Bullit has never been promoted, but it might have something to do with his attitude."


  • Pvt. Bullit is a Hero that supports your troops with his abilities.
  • To unlock him, you need to defeat Lt. Hammerman's level 55 HQ, which is unlocked at Level 19 Radar as well as 117 map regions revealed.
  • As a Hero, he does not require time or Gold to train. If he is defeated in battle, he will reappear in the Hero Hut after the battle, fully healed and ready to fight again.
  • In battle, he is a short-ranged troop with very high hitpoints and very high damage per second. He uses a three-barreled shotgun to attack enemy buildings.
  • His Hero Perk is Pain Tolerance, which allows him to limit the damage done to him to a certain maximum. Damage exceeding this limit will be ignored.
  • Pvt. Bullit’s attack speed increases as he takes damage; the lower his health, the faster he attacks. When Pvt Bullit has at least 75% of his hitpoints, his attack speed is 1 second. However, when Pvt. Bullit’s hitpoints are between 50% and 75% then his attack speed is about 0.825s, when Pvt. Bullit hitpoints are between 25% and 50%, his attack speed is about 0.75s, and when his hitpoints are between 0% and 25%, his attack speed is about 0.625s.

Hero Abilities

Similar to Gunboat Weaponry, Hero Abilities can be used during battle at the cost of Gunboat energy. Your hero can only have one ability active in a battle. The ability can be fired more than once, but the energy cost increases each time. The following are the three abilities available to Pvt. Bullit. Click one to read more about it.

Energy Drink
Shock Knuckles
Taunt Energy Drink Shock Knuckles

Offensive Strategy

  • With his Pain Tolerance Hero Perk, he will be able to survive a lot of hits from defenses. You can use his Taunt ability to protect other troops such as Heavies, Tanks and Scorchers from high-damage defenses.
  • His main weakness comes from fast-firing defenses such as the Machine Gun and Shock Blaster. These defenses can do sufficiently high damage per second while doing damage per shot that is low enough such that his Hero Perk does not ignore it. Destroying these defenses or avoiding them entirely when using him will thus be beneficial.

Upgrade Differences

  • There are no visual differences, but each upgrade increases his hitpoints (by 8%), damage per second (by 10%), and reduces the damage limit on his Pain Tolerance (by 100).


  • He has the highest hitpoints and damage per second of all Heroes.
  • 'Private' is the lowest Military rank, and also the lowest rank in the game.
  • If you look closely, Bullit already has an Energy Drink bottle attached to his belt, but oddly, he still needs Gunboat energy to use it and still has it even when using other abilities.


Movement Speed
Attack Range
Attack Speed
Headquarters Level Required
HQ Icon
Hero Perk
Moderate / 230 Short / 3.3 Tiles 1s 19 Pain Tolerance
Damage Limit
Upgrade Cost
Upgrade Time
Headquarters Level Required
HQ Icon
1 18,000 544 2,000 N/A N/A N/A 19
2 19,440 598 1,900 5,751,000 1d 15h 1,750 19
3 21,000 658 1,800 5,751,000 1d 15h 1,750 20
4 22,670 724 1,700 5,751,000 1d 15h 1,750 20
5 24,490 797 1,600 6,408,000 1d 16h 1,869 21
6 26,450 876 1,500 6,408,000 1d 16h 1,869 21
7 28,560 964 1,400 6,408,000 1d 16h 1,869 22
8 30,850 1,060 1,300 6,858,000 1d 17h 1,953 22
9 33,350 1,164 1,200 7,344,000 1d 18h 2,041 23

Max Hero Ability Level by Hero Level

Ability Pvt. Bullit Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Taunt 112345666
Energy Drink -12334566
Shock Knuckles - -1233456

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