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Resurrection Bomb
"Bring back fallen troops."


  • The Remote Defib revives any fallen troops anywhere on the battlefield, functioning identically to Dr. Kavan's Second Wind ability. It cannot revive defeated heroes.
  • Revived troops will glow purple, and do not register as additional troops. They persist until the battle ends, or if they are destroyed, being lost permanently upon the attack's conclusion. Their deaths do not count toward casualties. The original troops that survive the battle will still be retained.
  • Priority of revived troops follow the order of their defeat. The most recently destroyed troops will be revived.
  • If a large troop is unable to be revived (Scorcher, Tank, etc), or if not enough troops were defeated to begin with, it will create Riflemen of the level that you can train to fill up the remaining space.
  • Revived troops behave similar to the original - They carry the same stats & behavior (Scorchers, for example, will still run around erratically and skim over targets, blowing up if destroyed), will obey Flares, and can even be healed. Much like Critters, revived troops will stand still during retreats.
  • The ability's cost starts at 10 energy, which increases by 8 for every subsequent use.
  • The Remote Defib is occasionally available to the Gunboat for a limited period of time.

Offensive Strategy

  • Using the Remote Defib ability to start a battle with extra Riflemen can bolster your army for the entirety of the attack, especially if your army already includes Riflemen and the ability was sufficiently upgraded.
  • In the event of a retreat, Remote Defib could be used to revive fallen troops who will stand around distracting turrets while your main forces escape.
  • In the event you lose an important troop in your attack, such as a Medic, you should activate the ability as soon as possible before others could take its place. This matters more the larger it is, such as Scorchers, Tanks, Grenadiers and the aforementioned Medic.
  • Unlike second wind, you can use the remote defib anywhere, which can give the attacker strategic advantages.

Defensive Strategy

  • Since you can use the remote defib anywhere, you should not leave isolated buildings unguarded, otherwise the attacker can build a new army there with the gunboat energy earned there.


Housing Space Revived
Troop Capacity
Armory Required
Combat Academy
1 6 8
2 7 9
3 8 10
4 9 11
5 10 12
6 11 13
7 12 14
8 13 15
9 14 16
10 15 17
11 16 18
12 17 19
13 18 20
14 19 21
15 20 22
16 21 23
17 22 24
18 23 25
Number of Shots Energy Cost
Cumulative Energy Cost
1 8 8
2 18 26
3 28 54
4 38 92
5 48 140